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All right, thank you very much. Adam Green to Bob Stevens in Dallas, where the Cowboys open the second half with a four point lead over the Roethlisberger less Steelers right now. Well, actually, walking Burger is coming back. He came out of the a lot around there after suffering that the injury and apparently he's good to go. So we will see, Of course, the Cowboys got the second half kickoff, so they've got the ball first. But Cowboys leading 13 9 and the Cowboys on the move. 49 yard line. Cowboys have built up a 13 month and lead late in the first half with a single scored nine points in the final 1 10 to cut it down to four ending that tap on a franchise record. 59 by Chris Boswell that that little girl was set up by a CTU am football. Check that Bumble Karen Gilbert, nine for 12 113 yards and a touchdown and his first career start has done very, very well. He also has a 20 yard touchdown pass Gilbert forthe quarterback in the last five games for the power born. He's also washed for 28 yards of this game. Ezekiel Elliott did start the game he had a hamstring injuries throughout the week was limited, but she has watched for 22 yards on Terry's. Then Whoppers out 14 for 19 111 yards touched out now is a 17 Washington Wait the first half and, uh The Cowboys have a couple of field goals of 38 44 legs Airline that 40 point Carter was very significant because it was torturing and the fact that the punt was Was recovered by Cedrick Wilson, then lateral gonna throwback play to us CJ Goodwin, who ran 73 yards deep into Pittsburgh territory and the Kabul and were able to get the 44 field goals. So again, the third About 12 minutes to go and 13 to 9 cow bones. All right. Thank you very much. Bob Stevens in Dallas on, you know, we we talk Jodie about you know the cowboy's going with Garrett Gilbert today in Lacey's. He's respectable here. 10 of 1421 yards and a touchdown thus far. Has not been bad and the good job that our buddy Bob Steven, just given us the feed on the end of the first half. How about the last minute and 15 seconds for Chris Boswell Steel? It's happened scored. They get a touchdown with under two minutes to go to atleast know that they're in the game at halftime, Boswell goes out. And just Yanks. The extra point Mrs Wide left. They get three. Ah, Get the Cowboys to go three and out. Use up their timeouts. Get the ball back Get within Boswell Field goal range. He lined up a 54 yarder and misses it. But there's a penalty on the play pre snap, which means they still have time left land plate have to kick it. And he makes it from 54 from 59 misses a PhD Mrs from 54. Then they put him back to 59. He makes it to make it a poor point game and a half. Can't write that stuff. You got to make it harder. That's Darla store. Ah, Ah, Laskowski. Remember, I think it was the season opener for the Titans had missed three kicks and maybe an extra point as well and then came on and nail the game winner. Sometimes pressure can up your game, something some people act adversely to it and others and actually get energized by it. That's wait. Look for buys. Wealthy ended a half in Dallas. Pittsburgh. Yeah, that's Ah, It's funny the way the world works, but like anything else, like a corner or relief pitcher. You got to have a short memory. And I guess the kickers do as well and Chris Boswell connecting on 59. Make it a four point game, which is that where it is right now, almost five minutes gone by in the third quarter..

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