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So bad he had like a run in with dark brunson and elevator and like brunson shunned him like these bits of. Hey what's up derek. Dark just like giggled atom and anthony smith just like unloaded on him and from that point for it. I was like. I have to see it that he spent by dark. Bronze many moved up to five. We never got to see it but that was classes. Probably five or six years ago when the conversation when anthony was on the The post show with a brian woodley and job He said something you. Everyone is against me. They didn't believe me. Entire willie was like we thought you were going to win tonight and entire goes by get it. You need that chip on your shoulder. That's what motivates you and usually. I'm kind of like fighters is dan. i think. sometimes it's overblown but like i really enjoy time. Willie just looking at goes. Oh i and i understand what you're saying i. all of. He was a favourite. I picked anthony smith to win but he still needs that. You know that chip. They don't believe me they suck. And i love it as love it all the first big interview. I did when i joined them may fighting team. That's been four years ago now Before after the sanchez win. Before the ahead of the actor lombardo fight and i remember again this is. I'm still nobody. But i was really nobody back..

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