Justin Trudeau, R Kelly, Donald Johnson discussed on BBC World Service


Would you like? Peta cafe not too far from parliament Canadians who voted for Justin Trudeau in the last election are divided over their support. It's not an ideal position for liberals with the next election. Just a few months away in October. Do you think there's anything he can say to win back favor? He can say I'm sorry. I made a mistake. I shouldn't have done it. What date? Then you can move on. Justin Trudeau may try to do just that he is scheduled to directly address the situation at a press conference later today. Title feek. They are embracing all Kelly is in custody after a court hearing in Chicago for failing to pay child support and came hours after he gave an emotional interview on CBS denying charges of aggravated sexual abuse involving four alleged victims three of whom will minors, the BBC's, Peter bows in Los Angeles told us first about the latest legal development. This was a hearing to decide whether he should go to Joe because he hasn't paid child support payments to his former wife they have three children together. In fact, the judge in that case warned him a month ago that he he would go to prison if he didn't come up with more than one hundred and sixty thousand dollars in payments. This was a hearing that took place behind closed doors and after about an hour. We learned that. Indeed. Yes, he had been taken into custody. Once again, here's right now behind bars because he hasn't paid thought money his publicist was there Donald Johnson. And he. Explained quite simply the as far as he's concerned R Kelly is broke, and he hasn't been able to get any work because of the lawsuits that he's fighting. And that's why he hasn't made these payments as you know, he hadn't worked.

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