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You can check it out at Asian men DOT com. I think he posted on his front page But yeah lots of stuff happening if you're in to Eysenck Merican Culture Heritage Media Arts speaking of digital events everywhere fest which we have talked about in the last couple of episodes. They'RE GONNA START TOMORROW MAY I. And it's going to go until may second. A lot of our author friends are going to be doing panels and the schedule should be up on. Everywhere DOT COM also Asian author alliance. They just announced today on twitter that they're going to be doing a lot of panels with Asian authors for for this month so Check OUT THEIR TWITTER AT AGE author alliance. They'll be updating their schedule soon. Soon I'm assuming the creators of Asian Author Alliance. You'll probably recognize some of their names There's can't show the author of wicked Fox Cindy Pon Laurie Emily Lots of Asian authors. That have been around the block. So they're pros so I'm really excited to see what they have going on There's also Asian Rita thon which is a month long read a thon in May to celebrate Asian characters and authors. They have a jain enormous list of Asian books and it's categorized by like ethnicity and John Rose. So you could check that out At Asian Rita Saen on twitter. It's on there. It's link on their profile and also we're going to be doing a thirty one day book recommendation challenge so for each day of. May WE'RE GOING TO BE RECOMMENDING A book. I'll be posting the template on twitter as well as instagram. So that you guys can recommend books along with us so it's GonNa be a fun. May we can quit on our website to probably on our website as well. So yeah it's going to be. It's going to be busy anyways. Let's get her club discussion. Yes so we're GONNA start off with our jacket description So this is a jacket description for Mimi. League gets a clue by Jennifer. Jay Chow. Mimi Lee is in over her head. There's her new Los Angeles pet grooming shop to run her matchmaking mother to thwart her talking cat marshmallow tend to. Oh and the. Oh and the murder of a local breeder to solve now. If only Mimi hadn't landed herself on top of the suspect list me Lee hoped to give Los Angeles animal lovers something to talk about with her pet grooming shop Hollywood's. She never imagined that the first cat she said hello to. We're talk back or be quite so catty especially about those disastrous dates Mimi. Lee's mother keeps setting up when marshmallow exposes local Breeder Russ Nolan for mistreating. Chihuahuas Mimi steal some of her cats attitude to tell. Russ off the next day the police shows up at Hollywood off. Rough has been found dead and Mimi shouting match with him has secured her top billing as the main suspect hoping to clear her name and save the PUPS Left Behind Mimi. Enlists help from Dreamy lawyer Neighbor Josh. But even with Josh on board. It'll take me and marshmallow a lot of sleuthing and more than a little. Sas to get back to the pet grooming life and off the murder scene. Yeah and longtime listeners. Know the drill. This is a book club discussion. We're going to be discussing the whole book including any in all spoilers again. This is a mystery story. So if you don't want to know what happened Go read the Bug. It's actually a breezy read. You can probably finish a pretty quickly. So go read the book. Come back welcome back. How did you read the book? So fast So Mimi gets a clue. We would probably categorize this as a cozy mystery which is a sub genre in the mystery umbrella where the murderer isn't grotesque? It's kind of taken with the more lighthearted humorous tone and usually the murder takes place in a smaller community and it focuses more on Like slice of life stuff mixed in with the murder so it is. It is like a weird Spin on on the usual detective stories. But I like that about About this book. I think that we needed a lighter. Re this month it's definitely one of those Unintentional detective stories. Where you know the main character is doing detecting. But they're not a detective. I would go as far to say that. Mimi Lee is a terrible detective because she doesn't think Oh yeah she's so bad she barges into like her main strength or skill is her Persistence but she keeps finding yourself a places. She really shouldn't be if she's trying to throw suspicion off her as a suspect and if it wasn't for her cat it would've been a I think he would have ended badly for her. Yeah definitely she is. She is not very great at detecting before we get into the murder parts of this book. I just want to mention. This book is set in Los Angeles and Marvin and I are both space in Los Angeles. So a lot of the setting was very familiar to us. The traffic was very familiar to us to be fair. It said in like a different Los Angeles in the one we live in because we live on the east side and Mimi leaves on the West Side. Totally different lifestyle which you kind of see with the characters in this book by all the characters that Mimi interacts with this story actually had a really large cast. I was having a little trouble keeping track of all the characters especially all the white ladies. Yeah especially like the Chihuahua owners. Oh wait which white lady says. I don't remember all terrible. There's a Tammy Lauren. There's a Nikola the only person that really stood out is Indira. Who has the Loan Brown person in this entire like privileged rich people. Would she had a really? She has a really interesting story. We can go into a little later when we talk about characters. I really liked her as a character. I just want to mention so when I posted a winning announced book on our Instagram. I took a picture of the book with my Mug at my Mug says I would take the one. Oh one to the ten to the four. Oh five for you and and while I was reading this book I was drinking from it so I I was definitely in the moon on I. I was on Brad. So yeah the cat in this. Dark marshmallow was definitely a scene. Stealer in my opinion yeah. He's a very a very. I won't even charming because he's not really charming. But Very Sassy right well. This is the Sassy cat mystery series which makes sense the. Sassy cat mystery series. Yeah and he's like the real star because he's able to not only communicate with humans but also with other animals and he's kind of set up as the Watson to Mimi's sherlock but I would say she might actually be the Watson she's definitely the Watson she has no idea what she's doing. I think okay so the thing is. Mimi reminds me a lot of Sandra. Oh's character in killing eve where I'm always constantly yelling at them for making very very bad work decisions. I'm just like why are you going over there? You're like you're like the prime suspect or like why why didn't you? Why didn't you secure location like you're so stupid It's just me being very frustrated at the main character the entire time most likely because I have read so many murder things and watched so many procedural where I'm like how can you. How can you forget gloves? Can you touch that with your dirty fingerprints? Which is something that detective Brown brings up when she when she finds like a crucial clear. I mean she is a bad detective. I think we've we've established that and she doesn't really plan things. She's a character with impulse control and she tends to like do things without a plan. Right like there's a scene where she goes and tries to confront her sisters boss with like no real planner. How okay. But that's not her fault there. It's it's her mom's fault because her mom was her mom was the one who set up an appointment with the principal after the principal gave a alice. Mimi Mimi sister the pink slip. A she's like you're the older sister. You're supposed to take care of a younger sister. Go Talk to her boss and make sure that she is not fired. Which is such a such an older child responsibility in my opinion also just bad decisions on her part for even giving her mom access to her accounts and her identity who the coon does a. Who gives who gives their Asian parents access to their Google calendar. Like who does like her. Mom is definitely just identity feeding her the entire time studying. Let's say that the matchmaking dates were. We're like probably some of my favorite scenes. 'cause it's just it's just so cringe-worthy -I but at the same time because it's not happening to you. It's really fun to watch. So I don't I don't have the experience of having a super micro amenity parents or someone who's like super stressed out about my ability to Mary. Maybe that's because I'm a dude But yeah like her mom's Thir- seen this was very very frustrating as a reader. Because you're like mom like the thing is her. Mom created a dating profile for her daughter with lies filled. It with lies say that she got a doctorate degree. I'm just like Oh my God. If my mom did this to me I would kill her lake. I mean in. I'm saying that as like my mom has tried to set me up with other guys before and even then I just wanted to kill her but if she if she had done the stuff that Mimi's mom did like trying to set Mimi up with a college student and like a delivery boy who delivers food to her pet grooming shop randomly. Her mom has terrible taste in men well because her mom we joke about how Asian parents at some point their standards go down so at first. It's like you must marry a doctor or engineer or someone like with a career then as eventually becomes Mary anybody it doesn't Matter Q. The grandkids Mary anybody. I I think I think Mimi is a little bit too young to be at that stage of Mary. Anybody She's only twenty five years old No no which I found really surprising because Like Mimi is twenty five years old and she started a business of our own like mom right or Santa. Marta yeah in like West. La I'm like how like. How are you going to survive girl? I mean she got like she got funding from a rich white lady. Who existing dog. She say it's a very rich person name. I guess a lot of rich people names in this story. Yeah Yeah I guess so names. I will say that West. La There are definitely a lot of weird speciality pet shops A lot of like Beverly Hills type. They have like they have cute little dogs. They bring everywhere. I've had friends who work in retail business in in West. La and they sometimes complain about a white ladies bringing in their chihuahuas. They're tiny dogs even though the venue even though the shop says no pets allowed. They're very insistent saying that. Oh my dog is like my dog is really well behaved. I don't understand my my dog in my purse like they're not going to hurt anyone and it's like well. They're not a service dog so please don't bring them in. This isn't a dog. It's my baby. It's my baby in the stroller. Wearing clothes would a dog were close and being a stroller. It's it's very stereotypical but also stereotypes exist for a reason. Well I think the book is a really good job of like showing how far people can take this concept Because there's Doggie Yoga. There's like Doggie like acupuncture. There's like Doggie tupperware parties. Yeah why Guy Said? There's a lot of pet specialty shops and activities in in West. La and even some here in in East la. I would say there's a lot of dogs in Pasadena's while opacity is the west side of the east side to be honest guy so I guess I mean we've kind of like all over the place but this is this is one of those types of books where it's more about like The atmosphere and also just like like the character just being themselves. I mean while we're talking about like the west side setting unlike the rich people and what they do with their fancy dogs. We've talked about the person who was like working these people which is Indira who someone who we first meet as like. Oh maybe she's just another like rich lady except she's Indian and She's a business woman As you learn more about her like and as you learn more about her business which is selling high end bags to all the rich people in the during these part that she she attends. Doggie Yoga to like Hawker Hucker BAGS. after class She.

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