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But you can look at it on the surf. Office and say go the younger guy, it's time for the Chicago Blackhawks to give up on running after another Cup and start making the transition to the younger players, and maybe a younger coach is the direction that you need to go. Now, we'll see if this is just temporary. Will they go after an Elaine Vignolle? But but to me if you go with Elaine VIN, yo, then you might as well just stuck with Joel Quenneville because Elaine video was a guy that you plug in. When you believe that you need another step towards the Stanley Cup. I I think the Blackhawks are reviewing things and saying this is not a team that can win a Stanley Cup because this division to tough this conference is too tough. Eventually, the San Jose Sharks are going to figure it out. They are a Cup. Contender clearly Nashville in Winnipeg our Cup contenders. Minnesota is starting to look like a very good team. So you look at that Western Conference and you ask yourself Ken, Chicago compete. Do. They have the goaltending in Crawford who's been hurt who has not played particularly. Well, so the time. Timing is strange because all of this could have been done during the summer, and the transition could be made a lot easier or whether it was just let's get it. One more kick at the can. But then you start to see you know, what Nashville's for real Winnipeg's for real there. Everybody's good as they were last year. We got off to a nice start six six and three isn't gonna cut it tapes playing much better than he did last year, but it's not resulting necessarily and wins. So. Interesting ten years. Remember he replaced. Denny savard. Back October sixteenth of two thousand and eight. So ten years later, three Stanley Cups later Joel Quenneville villes out of a job. I hope he lands at other job. He deserves to land another job which much like, Elaine van. Yo it's going to be a team that feels there are coach away from Stanley Cup. Clearly, Chicago did not think that so big news today. Second coach gets fired. We went all of last year. Elaine vigneault got fired the last game of the ranger season on the last day of what was supposed to be the regular season that Saturday lashed you remember? There was an extension to the season when the Bruins and the and the Panthers had the play that makeup game on Sunday. So technically lane video was fired in season. But pretty much was after the season. We went a whole year without anybody getting fired and all of a sudden in the same week John Stevens gone in Los Angeles, Joel Quenneville gone in Chicago Stevens. Not nearly the surprise the Quin Ville is. So obviously, Chicago moving in a different direction. All right games last night. The other big story which would have been the lead before we found about Quinn. Ville being relieved of his duties what happened in Pittsburgh great night for Brian Boyle. And of course, I got to know Brian when he was in New York ranger could not be nicer. All right. We were up in Montreal my wife, and I and I was calling arranger Canadians game. And I brought my wife because he loves Montreal. And she got to meet Brian and they hit it off. And he of course, had child not too long after that Declan who had some health issues of his own. Of course, Brian Boyle diagnosed with leukemia, Mr. an early portion of last season, he it's announced last week that it's in remission. He's playing a game in Pittsburgh last night. It's hockey fights cancer night in Pittsburgh, and what is Brian Poile? Do he records his first ever NHL hatrick? Just an amazing story as Brian Boyle deserves all the things that are happening to them right now. He a great guy. He's a great leader. And he's a real nice fit for the New Jersey Devils, so that was a very special story last night of all. Things hockey fights cancer in Pittsburgh and of all people a cancer survivor getting's first National Hockey League Patrick's. Congratulations to Brian Boyle devil, snap a three game losing streak. Now. What's up with Pittsburgh, four straight losses for them? Now there were never in this game. They really weren't. Just not getting a lot of opportunities not cashing in on the power play. I mean, it sounds simplistic. But you know, when you look at kessel you look at..

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