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Knows what looks good he he really gives you about the buyers the biased buyers. You gotta see him with. The buyers are seem so openly audition because you like he's all about like do what it says on h. The writer wants to see what they don't pay a lot of people don't do that strikes his dad's the buyers want to see you package ready to go because when you get it if you get what you did in the audition you gotta go ahead and do that on sets higher highly basing editions. You gotta do that. Same thing you know and i and i find that really. All he just is efficiencies like incredible and he just this white used to fucking end. I'm fucking ever. Yeah so he's a guy that i wanted to say that i figured you. It's incredibly important. So keep training. I don't think they've ever really ends. It's never gonna end. You have to take some kind of class you have to have people watch you watch people because you're watching the people to to my friends the other day. A with the saw with sedition. Yesterday and i love it because like i i also firing big company and asked me for some help takes but also i learned from them. You dec- doesn't oregon you know. Hey that's a really important thing to say you know like whether it's in acting or whatever it is it is important to see and experience things ego that's not working and to recognize why doesn't work and i think that will inform your work to know. I mean like you have to be aware of things that don't work and why so that. You don't repeat those same mistakes. Yeah yeah exactly. It's it's crucial. It's great in that you that you it's all like repetition this whole entire just getting eruption interrupts in practising practising sing practicing all. It is now so so you you get to new york. You look up. H c k. Are you start to book. I mean we've already mentioned it but that is not usually how it will go. These pretty big role guest guest roles. Our guest stars are pretty big. You know usually the the the path is under five. If you start as an extra under-fives then you might get a small guest start. Maybe recurring it. It kind of flows over the years. But for you hit you hit hard. what It's very interesting. How quickly things kind of initially rolled for you. What do you think was the deciding factor in new experiencing a bit of success early on. I saw goddamn talent. Zion incredible. Because i'm a fucking gazillion. 'cause i'm doping shit quick i orders dude i i think we'll successor. Screening like epsom implode speaks invalid I think i guess. I guess it was confidence. I think it was it was it was really really really really really over power-sharing confidence in quiet him as a person i think this i had so much after like montclair move a bit of williamstown so she meeting people working with people in like you know having people you know microdyne do. I a went in their guns placing. After i know is so overwhelmingly confident in what i was. And this is a confident. Instead isn't walking around with the biggest dick and it's you coming in with that inner inner conviction that quiet power that quiet confidence inside that There's no sense of desperation there's vulnerability but it's also this idea that you know who you are and you know that you belong here. That's good do you know the thing is. I think a lot of young actors sometimes and i would say to sue the constantly remind but i think it will now. Dishes kinda sucks. It's it's it's it's a flawed process because sometimes mission is really acting. You know two different things. It is a slow process. But it's the only process that we have. And i think what i find interesting. I think you have to do is that you have to learn how to love on this because you gotta you gotta wire about this. There's a good five minutes where you get to do the thing that she loves. Get to act you get that as your time is nobody else. This time of you in the thing that you love the most sorts of if it's five hours and five minutes you get do it and you do it and you leave. And there's power that there's powering mic drop in mitch shit or going outside and just like ripping inside throwing in garbage. We go up done. Yup or when i love. I love to go et on fire by a what i like to do. Personally i love I always think of. I would have a plan afterwards. So i don't make the audition. It's fun but it's also not my whole day. You know so. I'm gonna go undefeated this thing and afterwards it'd be or else what are you doing in that way. You are making the addiction less important not not. You're not not caring about it but you're making it less important so that there's something else that you're actually looking forward to see. You're out of your head. You're just doing the next thing that you're on your way to the to the next thing that you're actually looking forward and i wished like you know i i would love someone. I bust my chops about this shit. But there's like a like honestly like really would like to see. I would love to teach on some collegiate or something because i feel that I feel.

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