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Lily diabetes. Tournament is allegedly underway. Let us bring a man who will be calling many of the games all the way through the national championship Turner sports analyst and somebody we watched play in high school. You're even old now south lakes high school. Let's start with this. I ask you as an analyst Dookie when you watch Zay on. What do you see? Wow. See explosiveness? I see, you know, see almost like a combination of a linebacker who jumps like Vince Carter. Is really nothing we've ever seen before in terms of his explosiveness athleticism. But also how hard he plays and steals activity has energy just off the charts. We're so used to comparing people you really can't compare them because there's really been nobody quite like him. That's how unique Zion. Williamson is all right grant beyond Duke. You've had a chance to study the brackets who do you like beyond the blue devils? I mean who jumps out to you as a team that could could at least get to the final four not further. While there's a lot of teams, and I know a mouse opposed to say this. But I think North Carolina is really talented trouble for that. I can get in trouble for that. So I if anyone says anything I'll just pretend I'm seeing Smith, but but not North Carolina. Roy Williams has done a fantastic job. I do think UVA they've had a lot of setbacks adversity in the tournament. But I do think this is this is Tony Bennett's most talented team. And I think they'll get through and get to the final four. I think Michigan state. I know they're in the same region as Duke, but I I was at the big ten conference tournament last week. I followed them Tom Izzo. This team is just balanced tough. They defend they can score. They really don't have a weakness at all as a sleeper team. I like Texas Tech the best defensive team in the country. They got a kid Jerry Kover who's probably wanted to top five players in college basketball that nobody knows about he's capable as they are. Taking a long run. And I love Florida state. You know, I love what they've done Leonard Hamilton. They won twelve of thirteen games in the regular season. People forget they got to the ACC conference finals loss to Duke. But they have a lot of death in very talented. So there's teams out there. Other than Duke believe it or not that are capable for long run. I'm gonna ask you to put all your old man hat for second. You and I did this a little bit the other night in Chicago during the big ten turnament. Will you go back to that last year? Even when you lost to Arkansas Scotty Thurman shot sorry to bring this up. You had seen your late and teams teams at three or four all Americans seem to time. And when you're watching now played there, but you're watching now this one and done era are the guys that he good. I mean, you look at them and think, yeah, these guys could have played when we did and won something. That's a good question. I think I think I think there's some really talented players and a lot of young talented players. But you know, the difference was you had older players more experienced players who had the opportunity maybe go pro who didn't think that UNLV team in nineteen ninety blue blue out Duke and Denver in the championship game. And you had Stacy Augmon..

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