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Look at Tandy there's no doubt he'll be part of the rotation I guess the question would be is how many minutes we actually played every ball game and how that is subtracted or added to other combinations is a pure line ups all the floors are going the idea of how you well that might play out it's gonna affect when good been is because Clinton's averaging twenty nine minutes a game that's of fourth on the league of fourth on the team only behind false gross of place thirty five minutes noisy Marcia thirty three minutes Jason car with thirty minutes so I think he's going to eat in it it's going up and it's better because yeah thirty four minutes thirty five minutes so that's too many minutes no saber had a more productive bins those numbers would be around twenty eight twenty nine minutes so I don't think it'll be just one person ended up back still it'll be all the guards going good and Paul scrubs and ninety Marshall on the fourth of the musketeers which Marshall good Scruggs harder Jones looks good more have the ball the start the second half they have Johnson Fleming Hazen on the four one with Miller in a side job other big center who is such a good first half eleven points to the ball game with the with the first possessions a remand the man defense Miller with the throws a downloading thirteen points Dallesandro law posted up with the right block was able to put Jones behind it on his back in a beautiful leaf passed to the base like caught it easily lay them and all the prep work was done before the pace of the catch.

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