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But i also think that in because we're like people were so invested in the character they became too shiny and clean because he was just it was his drinking and he's caravan and screaming at the moon festival vessel what he was doing exactly yeah but but as they progress he they became like so if you see them the most the the new opposes they're so clean cox and so fresh and then maladies got so much bounced to its and then he loses it altogether yeah no i don't think maybe the maybe they're all day tom but i don't think that they probably don't hold up i would say another one on here though is one of your fives which i've never seen big trouble in little china i think i've started to watch it once and then didn't want what happened didn't have a heart attack a heart attack yes but what about that from the silent yeah is that good or is that good good it's got its good good i mean it is very much of its time but it is also out of time in so far as it is so weird yeah he's a truck driver who gets involved in we'd ancient chinese magic and he goes on a bizarre adventure through chinatown chinatown is also connected to the world yeah and he and he fights writing and writing writing not just a guy looks like right and co fights that when they took ryden from gay bicycling right he's the he finds the three storms guys who have like halle berry.

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