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Do we just say this is the one episode I'll put in the canon in acknowledgement of a reality show that went against the grain and succeeded or do we say this is a canon episode or this is not a canon episode because all great British bake off episodes are alike, and really like all the arguments for this episode agree with I can make those arguments for pretty much any other episode beyond like a personal preference for the winner or a couple of baker's. But I mean, thrall nice people. I wouldn't like really except for one person in the this season. I had to watch every one of for the podcasts that she just immediately went to tears each time. And it was like all right come on beyond her. I'd be happy for anybody to win. So I think I will Tara talks. I will ponder. Whether how I want this candidates predation to fall, well, that's very helpful information. Because this is the first episode of great British bake off. I ever. In my life. I did at it. This season's coverage by the affirmation, Mark Blankenship. And I listened to every episode of the two spotted Dicks on the great British bake off podcast. So I'm familiar with you know, how the show works. So you know, none of this was like. I live in the world. Like, I know what the show is. I agree with Erica that the may meal. Looks look terrible. They did not look fun to watch. Even the buns looked like just messy all looked really unpleasant, but often looks gross on the show, which doesn't take away for my enjoyment. A lot of my response to great British bake off is like British pastries disgusting. I do remember that from editing visual aids from the show for sure and this time like the candy, striped, whatever goes on top. I guess it was funded it it it just looked like plasticine at. But unlike on nailed it when they show the model of what you're supposed to be making. And you're like, no normal person could or would want to make this insane shark cake like these at least you get the center like, okay, it's hard. But like someone who is an amateur Baker could figure out how to do it. So I appreciate that part of it in terms of like what they designed. And I'd like that the that the show stopper was kind of open ended in terms of like, you know, there were some rubrics cheers, and the whatever, but it was generally. Do you do you? And that was sort of fun to see what each of the you know, what each of the contestants decided to pick to represent themselves. Although I disagree with Erica. That tha malls weird cake was oddly beautiful, it looked horrible. It didn't look like food look disgusting and all the British praise that was a dog's breakfast. Yeah. And when he described the flavors it's like dates and fruitcake, and it's like sticky feeling. No. But son, no mean nothing goes together, like wet wet dough and crunchy sugar bits. Yeah. Was like it was just so extra and I could tell just from even only only watching this one episode like, obviously, he is a sweetie. They're all sweeties like this is not against his creativity. And like good for him for having an idea. But like, wow, no. But the the the whole thing with a garden party. Sweet. I didn't realize like their families are there and get to taste the cakes that was super cute and all the past contestants coming back and much less bitchy way than when it happens on project runway the final show. And you know, I cried when Nadia cried, and when Mary berry wiped her tears, I was like I lost it. It was released wheat and Mary berry reminds me of my own actual, grandma. Who is also a fantastic Baker..

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