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Today. Joining me now, first-class Class Father Benjamin. Watson, welcome to First-class Fatherhood. Man Thanks for having me. let's start right here. How many kids do you have? And how old are? Always on fatherhood we have seven children range from ages eleven down to identical twin boys that are about sixteen months, so we have eleven and ten year old girls, eight and seven year old boys, four year, old girl and identical twin boys that are like sixteen months, so we got a lot going on in the house. Credible, yeah! I got four kids myself and usually people look at me like I got four heads when I tell him that I. can only imagine what you get when you tell me yep seven we. We've heard it all. You know you guys have have TV and you. Know How that happens is like. Yes, we keep doing it. You know. Everybody has a small comment to make for sure what kind of. Sports activities are all the kids into. Right now, not much of anything with. Kobe my daughter, my oldest She does ballet's. She's been doing that for a long time. We've lived in several cities, but she always picks that up. So she's been doing that for years. My son, my oldest son, eight year old, has really in football He thinks he's a football player even though he hasn't really played it all. Kinda funny doesn't flag football. Mother daughters in a track. I mean we've got the gamut. The younger ones aren't into it as much yet, but you know I think they I think they will be at some point Bob. I just want them to. PLAY THEY WANNA play and I don't want them to feel an impression from me that after play they enjoy that that's the biggest thing. Not Feeling that they have to play, because daddy plays board. Because you know, everybody can go there and route. Yeah, I don't think one of the benefits. Today's the there's so many e. every sport has its own LE-. Give the kids a little taste of everything, and they could pick out pick and choose what they like. So I think that's pretty cool. Or you know it's important because you know quite honestly. We specialization now with a lot of parents do the temptation to do that. Really specialize at a early age. and. I think that it does benefit is to try a lot of different things. You never know what they're going to be good at. You. Never know what they. Will will try them. And you know and speaking with a lot of orthopedic doctors. They're starting to say that they see more more or the beating. Andrew's younger kids, which means that a lot of these kids are. Are you know getting overuse injuries that they really shouldn't be having at that age so not going outside and playing riding the bikes. Things good for my kids for now. Yeah well said if you could just take a second here to hit my listeners a little bit about your background and what you do. Look my background right now. Unemployed you know just playing a sixteen years of NFL football been married for fifteen years on Thursday actually July second. And that'll be fifteen years for us right now. kind of in a transition time of figuring out what's next. But about a father as I mentioned before for eleven years in really consider being A. Being husband my most important jobs. Yeah good stuff. And and so how old were you then Benjamin when you first became? A dad had to becoming a father kind of change your perspective on life. I daughter in two thousand nine. And I'm the oldest of six kids so i. Knew I never wanted to have six, so we just went from five to seven. We've and we never laid it on six and we want to have kids I met my wife at Georgia University of Georgia in College. We dated for several years and we always talked about having four kids. We got married waited. A few years started having kids when we had. We had four kids in literally four and a half years. And I knew I wanted to be a dad, but I was scared when we actually were pregnant with our first, and it changes your life. You know people talk about all the time. How who changed your life I think for me. Those obviously that sense of responsibility and responsibility of care of a baby or a family, but of understanding the role of. Influence that you have on the next generation, I mean it really is powerful a man. Thank you know when you sit in there. Holding your newborn child you're. You're looking in the face of places that you will never go to? Law Willing because they're gonNA outlast you. And how are you going to positively affect that child? What are you gonNA, teach him or her. What are you GonNa Pour into them. And! How are you going to do it? It can be very overwhelming, so I remember feeling overwhelmed. and I still feel that way in a different way now. But it really is a tremendous sense of joy as well because. These people look up to you and really need you. Yeah well, said I I couldn't agree more I. Love Being a Dad, and it's like especially I felt the same way first time becoming a dad, and then I felt felt that all them people that were telling me Oh. Just wait you just wait and then I felt like they were wrong. It was totally a great experience for me. Now I had three boys, and then we got girl on the fourth. Try this so otherwise. We may be catching up to you, but we got our girl on the fourth try. That's what I wanted. To ask my wife I was like look I. WanNa have four kids on a three boys and then little girl. I'm a blur. Take care of my little girl, and then I started off. You know two girls and I thought the world was indie. ended up number three hundred. Oh, I. Don't know if I should go for number three because I felt like as a guy wanted a boy, but now I tell you what. Got was favorable to us because he gave us those two girls I. because there is no way my boys will be able to handle and take care of the younger siblings in helpless the way our girls do seriously us. Oh I was proven wrong I'm glad that we had a first, but that's fine. Yes, exactly what I was hoping for the very beginning and you know what that helped us when we. We had our forth kid older.

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