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Route of relevant components are compiled with stack cookies. And yes I've watched the statement is that this is going to be difficult to shell remotely. There's no word on whether or not like a local attack might have more options, which is you know for local could be worth considering perhaps but yeah, this is GonNa get a lot of people looking at this back because if you can make it work, you know you're going to be happy. That's really like Scorpio, from the from the Simpsons, I mean gentlemen I have the doomsday device. That point. That's all. Right, if Ip Stack Remote and we haven't seen one of those for a very long time ago bucket modular ABC's mom lost year or whatever but it doesn't really count. But. Yeah, it's a that's a that's a hell of a bog. Am I part of me wishes it was genuinely like straight up Codex excusable because. We love to see things burn a little bit sometimes. Now Yeah an explanation take. This is why we have at Amazon justification for all the work that's gone into exploit mitigation stuff over the years because it just saved your ass, a bunch trouble MC soft. So I guess good job there. Was a bunch other juicy bogs. Microsoft's patches this month turn either shape map of a shape bog does some hyper V. Blogs you? Good collections. GDI. Plus Aussie is that GONNA. Be like a nightmare to patches well because it's Included in all sorts. You're. GonNa get ironed, from. Third Party. EMP Editor. I mean. That's a good question. That's why. That kind of system. It can be really hard to tell whether it has been embedded component and stuff that remember when there was that really bad jd I bought years ago and they actually had to Microsoft, actually had to ship a tool that scan your system to see if it was on your box. I yeah, and it may well end up like we've seen that kind of thing with compression bugs Ed Lebron. James and things like that get compiled into stuff. So yeah, like those sorts of bugs deepened the graphics system and windows. Heaven the power really delivered the goods medic I'm sure all of your application.

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