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Alternate to lay the place beyond all that. After this. BBC news. I'm John shea. The cranium president Patrick Potter shaneco is due to attend a ceremony in Turkey. Shortly mugging another step towards official recognition of the independence of Ukraine's orthodox church. The move has provoked a furious response in Russia. Jennifer is in Kiev, the ecumenical patriarch. That's the head of the global orthodox movement has clearly reason that having the cranium parishes under the control of Moscow isn't tenable anymore. I given what is taking place between the two countries Russia and Ukraine Russia, of course, seized Crimea, narrates a conflict continuing in eastern Ukrainian which Russia is backing rebel forces. So the dynamic internationally has changed and also here in Ukraine. There is a feeling among people here that it's now time at a church that is fully independent and fully Ukrainian Taiwan's president saying when has urged the international community to support the island in the face of threats from China. She suggested Beijing would intimidate other countries. If no one helps Taiwan is Michael Bristow a generation ago. Taiwan like China's today was ruled by one party. He's now one of these Asia's most open societies president Cy Young age China to follow a similar route democracy. Beijing considers Taiwan which is going to sell for seventy years. It's on tailgate and early this week the Chinese leader Xi Jinping said he reserved the right to use force to compel Thailand to reunite with the mainland presidents. I said if the international community did not support the island other countries would be managed by China. Poland has ordered safety checks at escape games venues across the country after five teenagers were killed in a fire. The victims all fifteen year old dolls had been celebrating a birthday Bunge Wilson reports it escape games planners are locked inside a room where they work together to solve puzzles of find clues to make their way out the five girls who died was celebrating a friend's birthday when the visited the attraction in the northern city of ca chairman a man was seriously injured in the blaze was taken to hospital. The cause of the fire is still not known, but the Polish Interior minister Joaquim Brzezinski has all the checks to be carried out more than a thousand similar venues across the country escape rooms have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years in many countries for anything from birthday celebrations to company team building days. President Trump has that he's considering declaring a national emergency to bypass congress and build a wall along the border with Mexico. He said US security was at risk. Mr. Trump was speaking after talks with senior Democrats failed to produce a breakthrough in the row that's caused a partial shot. Down of the government now in its third week Democrats who this week control of the house of representatives opposed. The plan will this is the latest world news from the BBC. Sporadic violence has continued across the southern Indian state of Kerala. Nafta two women entered the Sabra Molle temple on Wednesday explosive devices targeting politicians from the states governing coalition caused several injuries on Friday night. Many have blamed right-wing Hindu groups for the continued violence and in apparent revenge attacks, one of their homes at an office was that on fire. The Pentagon is trying to verify reports that one of the architects of a deadly attack on an American worship. The US has coal more than eighteen years ago has been killed in Yemen. A US defense official confirms that Jamal Abu Dhabi. A suspected al-qaeda commander was the target of an asteroid on Tuesday Arab media are reporting that he died Nigeria's president Muhammadu Buhari has admitted that one of his appointments to the board of the electoral commission is a relation by marriage. But he denied opposition allegations that the Commissioner Haji Amina Zakhari is actually his niece claim that prompted complaints of rigging ahead of the elections in February. In japan. A record three point one million dollars has been paid for a Pacific bluefin tuna at the first new year auction of Tokyo main fish market, the tuna which way is ninety two hundred and eighty kilos was bought by a sushi restaurant owner Rupert Wingfield Hayes reports Kyoshi Kimura is known as Japan's tuna king and the price he pays at the annual new auctions bears only a vague relationship to the actual price of tuna on a normal day. A similar sized fish would sell for around forty five thousand pounds. Today's record is in part about status, and it creates a lot of publicity for Mr. Kimura and his sushi empire. But it is also a reflection of the scarcity of large Pacific bluefin tuna. They are officially listed as an endangered species. And since the middle of last year prices in Tokyo have climbed by more than forty percent BBC news. Hello and welcome back to the world this week where exploring the place beyond a rock, which are NASA probe is reached four billion miles from us. The most distant object man's technologies yet visited a little closer to home. China has landed a probe on the far side of the moon benefiting. Mankind says Beijing, but should we fear? It's global reach never mind. It's extraterrestrial one and should Bangladesh's Prime Minister be embarrassed by her election success, but I the earth and the moon are locked in an eternal dance as each moves on it's axis. So does the other which means there's a side of the moon? The earth's never seen until this week when following a virtual news blackout. China's space agency announced that Chinese four a probe had successfully landed on terrain fall rougher than natto which Diehl Armstrong took one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind. The head of. The agency says China will carry on exploration in the hope of benefiting mankind skeptics might see that as a good public relations statements rather than a reflection of China's true objectives. Michael Bristow are East Asia editor came into the world this week studio to discuss whether it's time to see China as a force for good. Although a couple of different things I see there's the science behind it. And it was a genuine scientific achievement is also the politics about it. It's a propaganda coup for the Chinese leader Xi Jinping his big theme since he came to power was promoting something which he calls, the Chinese dream essentially returning China to its proper place as one of the world's leading countries. And part of that is to put China at the full front of science and technology. Of course, at also has an economic spinoff because it allows China to develop technology, which can be used to make money that China is a signatory to wool the regulation that exists the green zone outer space activities. So there's no suggested the Chinese are going to start kind of setting up mining robots than the moon or anything like that. It's going to be collaborative. And they was stressing public comments about their commitment to expanding knowledge for mankind. But I suppose people will think back down on earth. China's approaches Norway's so collaborative certainly you would be right. Be slightly wary of those claims the Americans have banned the Chinese from being involved in space program because they're concerned about the transfer of technology in China stealing secrets, but even when we're not talking about space. There were all kinds of concerns about whether China's development of technology is for the benefit of everybody or whether it's just for the benefit of China. A perfect example of that would be the telecom company hallway, which is perhaps China's most international company the can accompany likes project and promote because it shows all the best of Chinese learning, and and technology a genuine international company, but yet over the last. Eight year all more a number of different countries around the world of being fearful of allowing way to use technology to develop telecom infrastructure in their countries. I was in the Carribean a few years back. I was very struck on the island of Dominika by the presence of Chinese workers. Chinese laborers, a big sports stadium that had been built by the Chinese government is a gift the people of Dominique how does China defend that kind of relationship, which even some on the island worry about how it's going and others might say is not so very different from the sort of colonial activity that was seen by European countries. Like, the UK what essentially and a half ago, there is certainly a case to be made that China's only doing what other countries primarily western countries have done before China's argument is essentially this making everybody we h he's not only going to benefit China. The Chinese would say it's going to benefit everyone else as well. And so. This kind of development. You talk about issues China's gift to the world to help them. Enjoy the economic benefits act. China itself is enjoyed what are the risks of conflict over this approach. A first economic lists. Which already a number of countries, identifying example, you've seen in Malaysia Sri Lanka other countries as well where the burden of debt imposed on those countries by China because of the money, it's loan them each too much. And then the failure is that at once you get to a country, then you have to sing to whatever Choon that it plays on a wider scale as well. It's the idea that China is completely different in its outlook to the western world where we value an individual rights the rule of law tolerance, not always perfectly smooth sable. That's the aim at. But in China, it's a one party state is the Chinese communist party, they given anything. They can do whatever they liked. So the thing is, of course, that this is a country we've at completely opposite ideals to the western world. So what do they want where were they going? What do they do if they don't get what they want Michael Bristow Chinese diplomat's among the first I hasten to Brasilia when Bolsonaro won Brazil's presidential election. He took office on New Year's day declaring this week that is election proves people want hierarchies order and progress a phrase, which wouldn't sound out of place coming from the lips of a Chinese official president Bonar ru is a figure of the right. Who's outbursts of the years of suggested a certain impatience with democracy. He took off his one month to the day after Andreas Manuel Lopez Oprah door was sworn in as president of Mexico Anglos. He's known is a politician of the left both of being public figures for thirty years. Both in their time of being regarded as Mavericks both say tackling organized violent. Crime is a priority. And both a well aware that it's on challenged violence that threatens the state on Friday, President Bosnia REU urged congress to pass legislation to protect the police from being prosecuted when they're on duty without that guarantee. He said there could be no guarantee of a rapid falling crime Leonardo Russia, the BBC's Latin America editor I into early in his political career when I was working in congress in Brazil. He was a newcomer. He was a new politician one of the few military men who had adventured into into politics after the end of the military government. And at the time, he came out to someone who was very very simple, not very eloquence, and the he had one he was just striking on one chord. He was saying he was there to defend the rights of the military, but not the rights, as you know, is a grander thing. He was there to defend the salaries the schools. Some privileges that many people had mainly lower ranking sub officials in the armed forces. That's quite a contrast in terms of his background to to Obrador in Mexico who who is kind of more steeped in politics, but also for quite a long time back Lopez over Dory is a different person. He is a much more ideological person. You can call both Mavericks is a term you can use to describe them. They both driven by their own agendas. But a LOP is a was a former mayor of Mexico someone with a vision that defied this of one party ruled it effectively was in Mexico phone for decades. And he tried to break that he ran for president. He lost an election, which many people thought was you know, he was cheated out of his victory. He certainly thought are you protesting about quite a long time. Yeah. He he blocked the main square the Sokolow in the main square in Mexico City for for weeks..

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