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Happy pair orlands entrepreneurial modern, but very masculine new men role models awry about them actually a bit in my book, mental so endure swimming with hold on 'cause twins contel anymore. Which one was which I think I went with dive United likes of planned in and out of one another you can tell them apart when you see him, but he started memory memorize them as a conglomerate they start their own business selling organic food. Now, there's you know, a very successful food brands in their cafe in grey stones in county Wicklow. Ireland is absolutely amazing. And it was one of the most enjoyable aspects. For more recent work trip to Ireland making a film on going there hanging out on the beach with these of buff twins. Giving the politics of wrong taint on God. What say the word taint, but it actually do exercise with them squatting. Oh, no in in that stairs. If they're cafe. I mean, they're incredible men that grow their own food. They're vegan their fit as fiddles. They're full of joy, they're interested in consciousness. I want to build bridges. They want to explore some of the ideas around masculinity in a more positive way. I mean, I really really like them. So they're coming up in a minute. Remember, my new but mentors is available now to preorder. I talk about how I've these various mentors and guys to help me in every area of my life. Is it father is a comic as a recovering drug addict to a about husband. I mean, like, it's a it's a good book is pretty easy read. And if you wanna know about it, just check the website check with scripture inbox our little look, thank you. Thanks to your comments on the episode with the wonderful Jacqueline reward. Beautiful human being Jack is. Let's have a listen to some of these coins. Claire says I'm loving listening to your under the skin podcast amok commute today. I'm getting very strange looks at my random bursts of laughter. Hashtag notion. Socialism hashtag craving bread. Hashtag moines. Food Maria Maria Varallo, great listening love to chat between you and Jack funny uplifting, politically bang on go into politics, Jack. I think we would that's my long-term plan. Support Jacqueline row in a bid to become a kind of kind of prime minister. I prime minister wouldn't it be better? But we need a more electric democracy. We need to break down centralized structures. Create power local to the people that are affected by that power where possible so various forms of diva Lucien, probably see states, you know, the nation's a relatively modern idea. It's not I'm think of to have, you know, the state of Essex are stay at Blair six. If you've seen it anyways. Okay. So I tracked basically people liked the general doing how would I read that one? Unlike it knows the answer for would if there was some valuable point roof, go lightly says, I love this podcast. How you relate to lower Jackson, especially going sober my journey from Newcastle or Lester pass very quickly. All right. So like, yeah. Thanks for those kind comments about Jack Monroe. I loved speaking with Jack in for normal human being we got some interesting people coming up. Steve Coogan, cotton, Johann Hari, Jon Ronson, all coming up soon. If you go any questions for them, Email me at Hallo, Russell brand dot com. And I'll see the ones that are relevant, which is why subjective idea go back and listen small ones if you won't Charles Eisenstein is amazing thea was incredible. Tony Robbins, Radnor Swami, you're gonna love dive and stave because they're enlightened that we took sustainable communities how to manage a business consciously in fairly which took about connecting with your inner self swimming at doing the importance of community then. They do mention that we recorded at the same time as rather than Swami at deeply, holy man. Like, a Hindu priest and Dave and Steve tree. Idiom lucky was sort of kitten summing IRA touching him pulling his cheeks one goes, what would you like to see me latest trick? And did a literal handstand walked about and room in front of Swami? And it was a fascinating time. Really now time for have you pair on under the skin recorded in front of a live audience. Trying to achieve a quality within nine election of Calgary. He's not successful. That's exactly right in this era. Where turns out we were never the boss. Walks beneath the surface of people..

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