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Junior knew it right off and when I to the picture a lot of you knew it was a place in Madison Wisconsin where I had macaroni and cheese pizza I don't remember the name of it some real happy with that I'm not saying that's the best I've ever had that was done for the most unusual does most unique Jim what was your reaction at the TV studio when you first saw the delante west footage come back thanks Tony to macula great question that's a really good question we were freaking blown away like we couldn't stop watching it we could not believe when I came back there it was cold he was so good we we were so so happy so please so proud of the guy so grateful it was amazing contact because again we never knew what we were going to get back from any of these guys and sometimes stuff is barely usable and I mean this that ten years later that content his age so well it's like literally almost as good as any content you can get right now maybe not as good as an NFL player asking their head coach of the lop off their own junk to win a Superbowl but pretty close James I know you're a tennis guy huge day Edwin B. today with the big three all in action everyone says this is the best age of tennis I disagree what was your favorite era sign John in Boston Meyer was here I came up with you know my era was the era of John McEnroe Jimmy Connors Ewing a Stasi VS Keralite is I loved Andre Agassi in short I love the guys with the amazing game of the amazing personalities yeah the the personality I don't wanna say as long run out of this board but it's not the way it used to be you're my favorite player growing up hands down when I play tennis a kid growing up the guy that I want to be was Bjorn Borg log boric Federer just being a doll in four sets in advance to the final no I don't be a hypocrite because I said that the thing I like back in the day was not only their game with the personality when Bjorn Borg was the ultimate stolwijk Swede who had almost no personality but he was my favorite player growing up but I love Jimmy Connors log John McEnroe Carolina's was tremendous one man was funny mon Lendl was like a cyborg in a robot but as he got older and later in his career it is amazing sense of humor la Boris Becker I'll never forget watching backer win Wimbledon at seventeen and I thought does one most amazing athletic achievements like I I played high school tennis again I know what I was like as a seventeen year old I know what it was like to play even like regional tournaments sectional tournaments is seventeen year old get freaking won Wimbledon at seventeen it's incredible I mean he's hitting like these harden forty mile an hour service and just serving grown **** man right off the court at seventeen so to me that was my favorite era Stephan aber nother still looks we loved his game man he was smooth really smooth smooth smooth player nice to get a watch those are like those W. T. A. events on channel five like with Fred slowly and and cliff Drysdale watch on Saturday mornings you know just in time to wait for the PVA toward a come on Saturday afternoon good questions I like it there's eighty P. Alvy let's get to the waiter was.

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