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Fox's Laura Ingalls and I'm Carmen Roberson this is fox news W. CBM Baltimore but looks like a warm weekend awaits us with your record high temperatures your ball toward the middle annex Saturday and Sunday will spring preview with proper sixty Saturday Sunday not far from record high temperature seventy thirty two degrees our low overnight morning clouds afternoon sunshine Friday hi fifty four cloudy on Saturday okay sixty seven ratio or Sunday sixty six degrees of low temp Saturday night sixty I mean urologist got more and more from the weather channel for talk radio six eighty W. C. broadcasting live from the never used to be on the safe retirement solutions studios call rollbar roll it for ten to six six eleven twenty role in the web of safe retirement solutions dot com is what's happening so there should because this they want information really should remain get the latest updates the fatal plane crash outside of Toronto it was flying in and two three four times today and Democrats in the Senate want to see what they're willing to do talk radio sixteen W. C. B. M. from somewhere deep below the this is.

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