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That was just sort of a base rule throughout the eighties and nineties. But on the poster you have ice tea running away. He's got big dreadlocks and stuff and then you have like an overlay of rigour. That has ice. T's name over a white guy and then rutger. Hauer over the overlay of Rutger Hauer. So it actually looks like someone else is getting the credit for iced tea because they usually put the name across the head But in this case they weren't actually doing that they were putting like ice t the lead character so he actually gets first billing but it just didn't look right on the poster. That's something if you're GonNa make movie posters that something should think about is making sure that the names go appropriate with the person or the person who is the lead gets the biggest face that you can actually see. I think you already getting what I'm talking about. It was confusing as to who iced. He was if you never knew who is he was. Although at that point in the world pretty much new ice tea was the black guy but does she put on her resume. I was the Asian girl who silently shook her head. No at the Dick joke on her resume. Is that something? You're proud of because bloodshot. I'm sure that's a big movie. You know technically speaking She did get facetime on the film. She didn't get any speaking lines but she did. Provide the actual closest thing to proper comic relief in the film. She was just a throwaway character. Just say so. I don't know what to do with that. I appreciated her performance. It was very deadpan. And that's what the scene called for because there was any sort of goofiness and actually would've taken away from the joke itself whereas this actually enhance the joke joke itself being quite poor so the job needs to be as enhanced as possible but I hope this actually helps career. I would be interested in an interview with people like that. People who have singular scenes in movies that are you know significant but then also could have been edited out completely in wouldn't have made any difference to the film itself. How do those moments impact their career overall? So you know someone who's in that position or has been in a position similar to that I would love to hear their experience even as his personal Because that in itself is interesting to me. We're coming up very quickly on episode two hundred in honestly. I have no idea what to do. I've run through a creative drought because I am at home and I'm doing the quarantine thing and I'm not really leaving my house. I'm having fewer experiences. An actually realized what I'm having most of all our fewer interactions with other people. And that's probably something that sparks a lot of the ideas so for episode one hundred and fifty or episode one hundred. What I did was just trying to get a theme stick the theme. I forget which one it was. I think it was one fifty with the all. Game of thrones episode which was actually very popular. If there's a theme you would like to recommend you can post a message or a Rican record voice message voice link Dot FM slash. Veloce PODCAST and I will get it and I will hear it and honestly what. I'm kind of trying to figure out. What can I do to commemorate episode two hundred because right now honestly very much like this podcast for the last one hundred ninety six episodes? I got nothing. The loss of the Black Veloce veloce podcast..

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