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Where the movie could be benefited from viewers going and cold okay that was wrong about and i applaud as stumbled over a little bit over um the terminator is one of the biggest examples of that and that's something i've used many times it's almost as if the scriptures written for that inciting incidents of you know arnold protecting john conner to be a surprise but of course you cannot sell that movie you cannot have a plot synopsis for that movie without revealing that arnold that the t eight hundred is the good guy right like there's no way to market that movie to people without ruining that so again that let's get this question uh what movies could have benefited for from viewers going blind i guess he's basically asking what films the trailers totally ruined twists and the first two that come to my mind are also terminator films and that would be terminator salvation in terminator genesis terminator salvation and by the way we should probably uh we should probably preface this that we're gonna talk about films and their twists so if you are worried about getting uh spoiled on a twist revealed that was in a trailer uh turnoff now of yes so uh terminator salvation had sam worthington as one of the main characters he's kind of like the eyes and ears of the audience going into this film and it turns out the he is a terminator this is a reveal in the film it's not even a reveal in the first act like it is terminator two it's a reveal much further i believe rate um in this is something that was all win on the marketing but i think even worse than that is terminator genesis that revealed that jason clark who plays john carr conner is a terminator like how cool with that if twist been if they had.

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