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And i knew the judgement wasn't right so i did appeal and then i won the appeal court. How many years did it take from. Start to finish starting your first lawsuit and then to your victory on your second one. How many years did that take Well two thousand and ten was as we talked about. And then i think the trial was in two thousand seventeen and then the film You know came out and at the end of the first cut of the film. It says i lost which is where things were at when the film came out. But then i went to the appeal court in one so a new cut of the film was released. That says in a groundbreaking decision the appeal court. Overturned the initial ruling in what year was at two thousand eighteen almost like almost like a thirteen fourteen year journey. Because you bought the painting in two thousand and five and then at twenty ten at the art show you pulled it down so then from twenty ten until twenty eighteen proximate. Yep you know eight year journey almost. Yeah and there's there's more perry know the the film was the catalyst for reopened investigation by the police and It's not the end of the story. Tell us more about that. Sure i was on tour. And i got a call from a detective and thunder bay and he told me that he'd heard about the movie and he needed to see it and so i had a copy of the film sent to him and shortly thereafter. They opened a an investigation into the whole fraud. Situation and I have been working with the police whenever they need me to and They can't tell me everything but there has been a lot of progress made. They've they've interviewed a lot of people and You can expect to hear more so what we've learned an i. I've watched a documentary and there are no fakes. And what you learned is that Yeah the fix nor the nora morsel. Fakes the original ones. Don't have the signature on the back you know. They don't have that signature on the back and correct the drawing of the thunderbird on the back. They don't have that on the back. The original ones they. The original no remorse does have the the celebrex right on the front which refer yawn the front in that refers to his name. Copper thunderbird correct so so anything with on the back. Red flags automatically come up. That comes out pretty clear in the in the documentary. Yeah and i think one of the the hopes for this Investigation and all of this is that we will eventually sort of clear some of this muddiness and really bring back nor vows legacy and protect it because he is such an important and great artist. Well that's really what it's all about. You know guys like in a closing line the documentary you just said i just wanted to buy a painting and because novell more so is one of our heroes. He was so gifted and so talented. So spiritual So where does this story. Now stand in terms of investigations and the legacy of nora more so from your perspective. Can you make some comments on that. Sure well where there is the art perspective. But there's also the The social perspective you know when we learn of news as we learned you know in the last few weeks about residential schools And they're what they're finding and when you look at what we looked at in the film where there's there's young men who are leaving their communities just to further their education and they're being preyed upon there's A real connection and it really illuminates that. These problems continue and man and in different ways and so i think as we all try to work towards Truth and reconciliation and that's hard work and it's going to take a long time and commitment that all of these stories are important and they need to be heard as difficult as they are and that is my hope that that continues and that friendships and teamwork that i felt with You know dallas thompson and and other indigenous friends that i made along the way can act as an example and and can continue in other ways. Well kevin you're gifted musician in an artist and songwriter. And i know my partner valerie. And i went up to old crow. Von tech witching territory for new years. And i realized there was a collaboration. Between you in val on a song you guys were writing. And what are your thoughts on the collaboration there before we get to the issue in question on hope can you. Can you share about the song that you're you're you're writing with vowel. She wrote the lyrics. It's a it's called feet like feathers and it's a beautiful poetic lyrics. we have done A little demo of it but it needs a bridge. And i've been waiting for the bridge for about a year okay. Well that's a work in progress listener. That's work in progress. So you guys can continue working on the bridge together. Moving from that. One kevin. I want to. I always ask my guests on the podcast because this is such a tremendous story you know and you're you indeed our hero to dallas as a hero. The documentary carman's a hero for having the strength and the courage to come forward with their truth in their story about this fraud. Ring regarding the fake morrisseau paintings. But you're you're you're a hero for standing up and not giving up to seek the truth because it's the spiritual truth in that way too and now in canada with residential schools in atlanta covert nineteen in all the challenges. We have in canada. What gives you hope what gives me hope while perry Bruce cockburn has a song called lovers in a dangerous time. And there's a lyric in that song. That was my motto through this whole story and it is. You've got to keep kicking the darkness until it bleeds daylight and i think with all the conversations happening and people standing up for each other more and more in our communities. I think that's what we're doing as individuals and together. We're kicking the darkness till it bleeds daylight. We just gotta keep doing it. And that gives me hope. And that's a very powerful message to end our dialogue on. Kevin kevin hearn. Thank you so much for your leadership and your commitment to seek truth and justice regarding the the fake fraud ring of the northern. Marceau's your strong leader in so many regards and a gifted artist. Thank you so much for. Coming on our podcast. Thanks and i wanna thank all the people listening to the podcast. If you enjoyed it these subscribe so you don't miss future episodes. Give us a rating and tell your friends about us on social media after a break over the summer we'll be back with new episodes in the fall. Look forward to continuing these conversations with you when we get back. The optimum of podcast is produced by david macguffin of explore podcast productions and our theme music is provided by the red dog singers treaty. Four territory southern saskatchewan until next time on period belt art..

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