Iran, Yemen, Syria discussed on America's Morning News


Talk about boycotting use ruled will boycott darkness descending on our region iran is building an aggressive and bar iran iraq syria lebanon gaza yemen more to come now we ron is seeking to build permanent military bases in syria seeking to create a land bridge funk twos from tehran to dr to send the mediterranean and in addition to move in its army its airforce its navy to syria to be able to attack israel from closer hand it's also seeking to develop to build precision guided missile factories in syria and lebanon against israel i will not let that happen we will not let that happen we must stop iran we will stop bureacrat yahoos comments coming a day after he met president trump at the white house and thanked him for his decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital but he expressed concern about iran and agreements reached under the iran nuclear deal and iran's presence in syria a florida retiree is won the women's division in key west annual conch shell blowing contests and accept that a marriage proposal from a fellow competitor seventy year old mary lou smith impress the judges saturday with long blasts on the food aid it pink lined shell an when 73 old rick race proposed onstage she accepted by joining him in a joyous duet kok shells have been used as signaling devices in the florida keys for centuries he's a native born islanders are called congson the keyser nicknamed the concrete public don't forget you can take us with you wherever you go download the talk stream live free mobile app reach out to me on social media twitter or facebook amac matt ray takis the hashtag afn you can follow the show on twitter.

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