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Of Tarrant county's affluence teen is back behind bars. Again, Tommy couch was taken into custody on Friday following a positive urinalysis couches awaiting trial and hindering apprehension and money laundering charges in connection with her fleeing Mexico with her son Ethan in late twenty fifteen since being extradited back to the US couches been in and out of jail several times for violating the conditions of her bond most recently, freed last October couch is currently being held in the Tarrant county jail without bond in Fort Worth Andrew Greenstein NewsRadio. Ten eighty KRLD. A Fort Worth woman charged with capital murder in the death of her infant daughter. Police say Halley Murray beat the little girl to death in January at the time Murray blamed the daughters injuries on her. Three year old son. But for worth police officer Jimmy Polenzani says there is no way possible any year old could've caused those injuries was the only adult in the apartment that was a cure. You control of the victim during this incident bars on a quarter million dollar bond state Senator claiming there's been a policy change regarding executions, especially as pertains to the reading of the executed prisoners last statement, John whitmire of Houston was outraged after a white supremacist. John William king's message was read by prison officials following king's execution last week. King condemned for the racially motivated dragging death of James Byrd didn't make less statement. But left note indicating he was put to death because he didn't have the money for a good lawyer. Last words have written statements footmen record while you're still alive and execution should bring closure for the victim's family. He says the Texas Department of criminal Justice. Agreed to the change whitmire was able to stop last meal. Request after another bird killer eleven years ago, ordered fourteen items to eat and head. None of them. Barbara schwartz. Newsradio ten.

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