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For just forty, nine, ninety, nine for two dozen, little necks, and thirty, nine, ninety, nine for three dozen cherry yellow I think I'd like to put my hands around your little neck and squeeze a little bit. How. Did you get by phone number anyhow? Italians today. They all Italians. What's the matter with everybody else? Who Says I'm tagging. What if I am and what if I'm not? What are you? This son of a bitches we did. A computer generated searched for names that ended in vowels, and yours came up and Arousal A. Is Not Working I. Think you'll raise not working by. You know that there's something wrong with you. How can you keep calling the same person back time and time again when they say they're not interested. lobotomy or something are crazy. Son of a bitch. Research finds that Italians consume more clams than any other nationality. If I am Italian I'm going to find out where you are you stupid? And send somebody over here and break your kneecaps. Then, we'll see WHO's Italian. Who is it? I only Jewish my wife's fish market every fighting she gets. tweet right off the dock. What do I do? And Clams. Has the freshest clams. My wife gets the fractious class. He gets the freshest KUNA everything my wife's got. snapper my wife's. Voice she. Elected to let the. Now I'll throw in a free jar of Putin, DANISCO SAUCE Out Credo is to satisfy the coastal. You're on on a phone. In charge of Sir. John. Like you in charge. Humanity you on the phone? Transferring call. Hello This is Marty Schottenheimer I. You're. Thinking of Mr Michael Oppenheimer. Mr Marty Schottenheimer. Zombie. Something can help you today Sir. Do you know the ish mark has called me six times already? Tell me some. Songs and I felt like ten times I'm not interested, and it just keeps calling and calling I want to register a complaint. And Italians enjoy. What you guys. Do you sell to anybody but Italians. Are you solving? Can you hear me? I can hear. You can hear you. Speaking right can speak English. I speak English. DO I. Tag. Racist. Raises Racist Racist. Robot. Michael up in high. School..

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