Superintendent, George, Illinois National Guard discussed on Ben Shapiro


Leadership in your course incredible support during this difficult moment in our city and really for our entire state this decision to I've had to make in the last twenty four hours are not easy decisions and not ones that I'd wish on anyone and both the governor and I think I've said something similar throughout the last eight to ten weeks as we've been dealing with one crisis and that's the response to cover nineteen in one of those difficult decisions yesterday was after a lot of conversation with the superintendent of police and assessing the circumstances on the ground reaching out to the governor of it asking for the support of the Illinois National Guard I want to be clear and emphasize with the governor himself just the card is here to support our police department they will not be actively involved in policing or patrolling but here as needed support it is true that we all feel the pain and hurt and frustration that's being felt here across the nation in the wake of the brutal and unnecessary killing of George floored and it has evoked powerful and trigger a traumatic feelings to be clear we all support insurers the first amendment and the rights of us as residents to express ourselves in peaceful nonviolent protest.

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