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Of the political developments that happened this week wash this was a huge week or for politics in rhode island all kinds of crazy stuff happening scott prescott brown matt brown announced that he's going to run in a primary against gina raimondo as opposed to running as an independent you have linked chafee whose ninety nine percent sure each that he's going to challenge sheldon whitehouse in a democrat primary you got the mailer or controversy going on which seems to be getting in more and more interesting as time goes on that we're gonna talk about as well and so i i wanted to try and make sense of it all for you to get your reaction to it so i i invited freddie passarelli in freddie is a a longtime friend of mine and he's he's probably one of the sharpest political minds in rhode island and i say that with all sincerity because he's a guy who's been in the trenches and has seen it all he literally has and looks at things in a very analytical way freddie welcome to the broadcast thank you john thanks for the nice words there think you're the only guy would say that but thank no it's it's it's a well known fact so first of all we we mentioned earlier in the broadcast that this guy matt brown has decided to run in a primary against gina raimondo as opposed to an independent what's your reaction well yeah my reaction was that you know i'm a conservative i would have preferred he stayed as independent but my reaction is i just don't see any surprise i i can't see how he wins democratic primary against gina i think the everybody's thinking they're trying to catch that bernie sanders of lightning in a bottle kind of thing and that's what's going on a lot of these candidates mind gina sheldon all endorsed hillary and and i think that's what they see some opportunity that can tap into that bernie sanders enthusiasm and and you know those those bernie sanders voters but i just don't see it happening anyway i tend to agree with your analysis because the democrats like power in their you know they're kind of spring loaded to to vote for the incumbent into to go with the power base that exists i i don't see.

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