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Why cats are, the Rodney Dangerfield of pets. You have to come to hear what, that's all about we also. Talking about how to encourage cats to. Scratch and all the right places, and I'll be doing something called and maybe you should be there. With me to do this with me Roger. White love love letters to cap saw man I? Could, sit there. With a little low Yanni in the background reading. Those letters berry. White exactly I could all man we've gotta do this light, to? Bring the lights down low in, the room, we have any Tom We should get. Some Barry white music here eight times on the telephone but but when when. You get hey Tom Sudden Barry, white, music If you could find, some Barry white music that would, be good and we'll we'll try this out Roger and we'll see this'll be kind of the rehearsal for what I'll do on Sunday and she will be on my show early Sunday. Morning at six thirty, Becky Robinson. From alley cat allies that's an organization that supports trap neuter return and, release of community cats which is, a really good thing keeps the shelter numbers down and it's the most humane thing that can. Be done for cats so that is all, this Saturday and Sunday it's called. The meow meet up it's at. The Rosemont convention center and if you, go to my blog You'll hear about it all right I love you have. Four per You sit. On my head at three AM I love that you bring everything in your life and mice. Back to the house for me Sometimes birds how's that that's awesome Is. Not so? Sure that I'm not sure if. That's what it will be like when I, read love letters to cats but it will be the event really will, be this Saturday and Sunday and you.

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