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Ran bounds away tipped up. No good. Sam houser. No, good rebound. NC flies in a foul is called. Did. They get. I think they might have gotten Enzi if they did know guilt. Now, that's his fourth. I don't know where that foul was look like Morrow Houser missed the tip. And then on the ensuing. Scramble for the rebound. Gill got called for his fourth foul and moral will shoot the two free throws. He's a sixty two percent foul shooter. There was nothing there. We just saw the replay four twenty seven ago. Seton Hall sixty eight Marquette, sixty four. Marl? First free throw on the way. It's good. Seven point of the night for Moro's at a big impact of the scam. Theo Johnny jetted with a flagrant technical seven points, seven rebounds for moral. They'll get one more. With a right hand. It goes off the back rim. No, good NC the rebound. Sixty eight sixty five Seton Hall, four twenty two play McKnight walks. It up y'all Anansie set screens either way McKnight, bumps with Howard flies it out to Powell gets the length. Kick it out McKnight, fakes it three moves to the elbow. Pull up jumper. Grete night fighting and self here in the second half. He's got fifteen seventy to sixty five biggest lead of the night for Seton Hall under four minutes. Here's Sam Houser outside the right, art leaves for brother, Joey whips and left side for Bailey given room by Powell and a whistle and a foul away from the ball. And who's that on Roden? After Jared road. And that'll be just as second foul so free throws coming four Marquette after our final media timeout what a bizarre night, but Seton Hall with their largest late in the evening, again, they wants trail by twelve three fifty three remaining second half in this big a semi final at Madison Square Garden. Seton Hall seventy Marquette sixty five this is Seton Hall basketball from learfield..

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