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Tonight's episode is called Generation Lynn Millenniums the after baby boomers and then they're also view experienced being then the generation y are babies born after that period of time ars and the w worldwide web and there's just so not date and and what kind of job to choose it on and on and on so please six so i WanNa hear from parents of generation x and Y I'm that I created for healing human disconnect and how this topic applies creator of the mind map system for healing human disconnect e mail you a free copy and please pay it forward because to them how we encode them how we end up and I want to put this all in the context of The New Millennium and Tom Gone wrong so if we have a generation of people who can do what the Freud good boundaries and good role models and parenting and it's very very challenged because they're not going to feel with them so in in essence they're gonNA have to reinvent themselves and so and just a sense of tolerance for other people and a therapist is name is turn Amos Tests Brigham and purpose so she says that she never expected to be a millennial twenty three to thirty eight and there unprepared for life but after studying this group of people affect diverse in either to make a social impact but there are also many anxieties. I'm worried I'll never make enough money I feel like a failure I don't know if I'm setting it is a real thing according to Bass tests Brigham they don't know which job to turn to and sometimes they go through many doors let's go back to the blueprint the parenting the parenting styles as a result of the blueprint that we pass to them so what and that's not always going to produce the best outcome and some parents are very an ethics and that's not always the best outcome either and some parents are in children get the kind of parenting that is a going to APP when children get all the nourishment the emotional nutrients families are disintegrating and money's getting challenging and assistive media as a very dangerous place it's going to have an impact on the next resources so this is going to have a huge impact on the next generation Vince if they're being instilled with with structure and Israeli is up and that a lot of the children may not have being in without is the case then they don't develop what I call of healthy dependence I in other words you've got to lean on your parents that that that are that are the outcome of this new the three things that are likely to occur when young adults are faced with too many a place that we can go to that's a safe and in protective barry talks about the impact on these young adults one faced with too there are of places to eat how many choices there are for prone to make poor choices too many choices was wrong maybe if I chose that career I wouldn't be struggling now or maybe if I chose maybe I have my money in in better order and I'd have more of is that as I mentioned this kind of a second guessing of themselves I don't so one of the reasons these people go to therapy mm-hmm is wrong choices and the depression is because sometimes it's so that in to into depression so there's another Liam's as millennials as people between ages types include entitlement shiftless nece egocentricity about so as I mentioned when we have healthy independent region the more we are able to slowly acquire a stronger our structure disintegrates and we find ourselves in so so I think that what I originally thought of doing this show if we do what we WANNA do well we're going to get whatever the Freud we're kind of just going to be left to our own devices and it's GonNa early have a traditional job and they make their own hours other hand it's really really hard when people don't end up scheduling themselves Pathak and an primarily interested it seems to be invested in and as a result we have beautiful connect people and he'll people and so on the truth is percent of them are depressed and fourteen percent suffer from anxiety discuss what we need to do to support our children our grandchildren together a plan because oftentimes when things are done without or chaos and defenses and breakdowns into Jenner Tivi and creativity and and better ways to connect with other human beings so that in progress our connection with other people and the article talks about this in my practice I see people who are very nervous about their careers they they and and that they're not living up to the expectation of their parents educated let's go to college let's get a degree let's get a profession let's learn life and that's not always the case with new millennials they're not necessarily very very self educated so another fear that jobs and are still living with their parents little so let's talk about to be Persian and you're a girl and you're still living with your parents because you're not married being at home and you can't afford to be living at home in your own apartment in into is clashing with a of a yet financially because they are not financially parents grandparents millennials and whoever is out there I'm sorry if I missed some of you and if some of you just didn't know what we were going to that is taking over the world and to do with all these millions of choices and and wing the parents who are supporting them emotionally so the children are are picking up the message from the parents who certain point but sometimes the parents will infanta allies their thirty two and that doesn't make for a very great dynamic so some need to be responsive to that so I'd like to hear from you if you're having a challenge with and you don't know how to treat the situation three to eight to six so money problems are only many decisions what is the right decision am I on the right track and going through a door which is representing a choice and then if that if we choose that other door and that job opportunity feels as well the road literally is getting narrower and narrower and narrower everything up in the air and say okay do whatever the Freud you want to you mean emotional backbone intellectual backbone traditional route and educate themselves in a trade we give the non structure the more the anxiety dolls down I'll feel unsafe and insecure when we enter territory do than there is a fear factor there's kind of like jumping out of the airplane unknown so in my book be the cost I talk about the precipices that choice point which way are when we make a choice because we have too much information and too many choices are we then stand on that precipice and make the kinds of choices apple's of some of the challenges that new millennials are feeling and some John and I just wanted him to sit with me and have contact for in in India and I'm connected here and I'm connected yet but I'm sitting here right smocks princes than for those of you who know me you understand that I'm all our biggest fights are around the computer gramma so let's not forget the addictive property of of took by interest it was a word cult dubbing and that word the connection with my sitting there whether it be my grandson or my son or because let's just read you off some statistics here let's see people who who are online frequently attend eight percent are sexting there are fifty texts sent today well I think that the more complicated we are the more social the less and less we have an opportunity we parent our children when we're on the phone when we're texting could that cell phone before your child or you put that cell phone before your girlfriend if you're not special enough you not interesting enough something only it's only it's only the do the right thing dull some information on the computer and that's understandable however put the cell phone down try to shut down the computer and and and and so I think that that is something that the new millennials and having dinner together and having live face to face to the SORTA coal called Y. Millennial so anxious and unhappy so so so at the age in years metaphorically speaking people in this position see their lives the others have closed so here it is making that choice will abson smaller room and then if that choice doesn't work out for people making choices imagine themselves in a long hallway model looks even more dire when you consider the millennials heard of living okay so here is again the more traditional job if need be you know kind of like the plan B. Go aw back on and that's sought to take away from creativity to understand that the average late baby boomer your future whenever you can if you're baby-boomer think flexibility because premised upon once genuine beliefs in values and not worries or enamored by your idea and you believe in your idea and it's an idea and you have to fund that idea and maybe you have to set up infrastructure for that idea well then moving parts to it that once the ideas put in motion investments the idea and then run out of cash and become disillusioned stupid I told you that you're a loser okay so do you see how a lot and we have a caller is so high you are on the couch and yuning why not call been before but I am definitely relating to your topic tonight about these these the in your concerns with our with our children yeah and there's you know there's so I thought well wait a minute it's not all doom and gloom a lot of these children are really creative Austin all the disconnect and all the mess so as apparent Tommy your experience and well I feel like they have the ability through their sensitivities by so they can be agreed but yet followed follow their heart's desires because I think tell them to do yes and how is yes go ahead nontraditional path and I don't know what your family financial okay so they're out on a limb they're taking a risk in as I was talking about before okay it is fun it's incredible but now I've gotta get how do you feel and deal with children when they take an untraditional path dabbling with trying to gain some independence as far as living on her own didn't go well because she tried it on her own and she was working and attending the university and then in ones that are paying lose their they lose their internet fail if somebody else didn't pay their part so that's just a minor part of it I just tried to make her strong in her her roots and knowing somebody to listen to you about decision making or whatever she can come to me about anything and I believe they I think they just really do with my next generation children they really do give a damn she also has the knowingness for her yeah and I I have spoke to you before was fighted you back somehow 'cause I was just open about your experience in the suicide of your son and so they call in tonight is because what I have learned since he's passed away appearance were me working and trying to be all of you know the doctor the nurse the dad being with your son and your grandson and just the open dialogue I feel silently and I know it was all the pressures that you talk about in tonight's show that's why I'm like especially being a male and the direction and the choices many choices and even like with the technology that you're speaking of you know Ian connected it I have friends all over the world on the Internet to like you.

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