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The State Department denied that a final conclusion have been reached the president has called Saudi Arabia, a spectacular ally. But he's coming under pressure over the killing. There are calls in congress to limit arms sales to the Saudis and Oregon democratic Senator Ron Wyden. A member of the Senate intelligence committee wants top intelligence officials to make public what they know about the killing. And who was behind it trial Snyder NPR news, Washington. China's president Xi Jinping is in the Philippines for. A two day. Visit this comes against the backdrop of an increasingly rancorous rivalry between China and the United States under the leadership of president Rodrigo dare Tate. The Philippines, a longtime US ally is increasingly leaning towards Beijing NPR's Julie McCarthy reports from Manila, President Duterte will use the two day state. Visit of Chinese president Xi Jinping to highlight how his foreign policy shift is delivering economic benefits to the Philippines. He's been emphasizing. How Chinese investment has been flowing into the country since taking office with a high profile pivot toward Beijing, but two years after embracing China charity is still waiting for the dividends conducting a review of China's investment pledges. Reuters news agency concluded that only a fraction of them have materialized exposing to charity to criticism. Government officials say it would be unreasonable to expect old Chinese commitments to come through in two years. Julie McCarthy NPR news Manila, this is. NPR news. UN Security Council. Members are expected to begin negotiations on a draft resolution on Yemen aimed at ending the three year conflict between the Saudi bag government and the Iranian backed rebels. Linda fassulo reports proposed Security Council measure calls for an immediate ceasefire in the port city of her data where most international aid arrives in Yemen and urges combatants to do whatever's necessary to allow deliveries across Yemen. The country with the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today, the British draft also gives the Security Council full.

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