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It's the new colonial movement. I like to talk about everyone wants a piece of the pie and Saudi Arabia's doing it to whether or not actually accomplish anything not is not clear. This is not like you a east program, which I think was established with some common sense. I mean, it's still a government program. It's still ruled from the top. But at least they had a long-term castle. Plan and how they've instituted Saudi Arabia seems to just jumping on the bandwagon. And I don't know if they really know what they're doing. You are the author of the universe in a mirror, which is the story of Hubble and a significant passing that has to do with Hubble. What's happened? Nancy roman. Who was the first chief astronomer at NASA passed away on Christmas at the age of ninety three and Nassar. As an y LA later chief astronomer NASA said if Lyman Spitzer was the father of Hubble fancy Roman was the mother she as the first chief astronomer at NASA pushed very hard to get strana me launched into space and was critical forgetting the Hubble space telescope funded and built in the sixties and seventies. When she ran. They started me program at NASA. Isn't just by the way Hubble because in the early days. Astronomers were very skeptical of spending money to put us telescopes and space and she helped turn that around. And it was her work that made it possible for for trying to me community, they eventually convince congress to fund double. And so her passing is a sad thing. And she should always be remembered. We'll probably name a bunch of planets, Bob. We can see that. Bob Zimmerman keeps the website behind the black author of Genesis about Apollo eight nine hundred sixty eight and also universe and a mirror about the Hubble space telescope,.

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