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Up in a lot of Houston got home so he isn't saying the Australian museum got it all at home in in the guide to Germany but the state because their parents like it's just as bad here and we don't you go on the airplane right now and the second part was you can do online because this is in a meeting of the harpy do online classes seven times on the way in Michigan the standouts in a study that seeded men's and women's NCAA tournament brackets based on graduation rates academic success and diversity in the head coaching ranks Gonzaga was a number one seed in both records released yesterday by the institute for diversity and ethics in sport at central Florida university Michigan a one seed for the men a three seed for the women's sports ten forty pass each our toddler komo news twenty minutes a nonstop news continues now and as the corona virus outbreak continues millions of Americans are losing both their jobs and their health insurance to the soaring number of Americans out of work a record six point six million people laid off last week alone in just two weeks nearly ten million people in this country have filed new claims for unemployment insurance a staggering figure which doesn't even include the self employed or undocumented workers or the many Americans you've been trying to apply but can't like Emily Tucker who worked as a sales associate in San Antonio Texas I just got an apartment started a new job and I was laid off and because my business is not essential he has been trying to file for unemployment benefits for more than two weeks I can't even get in contact with somebody to speak with them so I am stuck with bills to pay mouths to feed no job to provide me an income growing unemployment numbers put unprecedented strain on phone lines and websites dedicated to unemployment benefits that rising joblessness adding another strain the potential loss of health insurance for millions we have never experienced an economic crisis that has come on you know this fast or this profoundly and this is coming in the midst of not just an economic crisis but a public health crisis as well when people need their health insurance more than ever after losing her job as a cook in Las Vegas two weeks ago Jacqueline Bali on has been trying unsuccessfully to file for unemployment I'm running out of all my money which was not a whole lot to begin with and now I'm being told by my insurance company but if I can't pay my premium and I have to switch to Medicaid and lose all my benefits across the country in Houston Texas James anyway lost his job as a photographer and is battling cancer for the third time my family mobile.

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