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The winds are starting to come down maternal continue tonight and even more so tomorrow areas of scattered rain and drizzle continued through the overnight temperatures near sixty one tomorrow brings morning clouds with a chance of showers across southeastern mass but then it improves sunshine starts to work its way down temperatures jump in the low to mid '80s inland in the afternoon closer to seventy across the cape and the islands as well clear lead us to their sunday mostly sunny a hot summary day highs near 90 degrees inland with low to mid70s at the coastal sylvia rip current risk if you're heading to the beach monday partly cloudy very warm in the mid to upper 80s i'm wbz tv meteorologist eric fisher wbz newsradio 1030 what about habit of the rain and showers out there depending on where you are some of you if you're out of fitchburg right now you're just getting some cloud cover its roughly seventy degrees but we are seeing that rain primarily in those spots because of jose the cape ann islands right now but we're seeing a little bit a light light rain and mist here in boston as well where we just went up to sixty degrees it's fall officially the tom equinoxes last hour and summer is us last dot com time is running out but hope remains for finding people alive in the rubble of mexico's earthquake cbs's adrienne bard is in mexico city mexico city officials say sixty people have been rescued alive from inside buildings that collapsed when you see what remains of these structures it's hard to believe anyone could survive their reduced a massive piles of concrete and twisted metal in some cases rescuers have been able to get oxygen and water to victims as they worked to surgically remove them there are also trained dogs who have led rescuers to find people alive.

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