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I tweeted this actually after the aaron kovin interception but it is definitely applicable to that june ramsey pick when you watch the jaguars play it just feels like they believe they deserve the ball more than the players on the other teams offense do and i've always been fascinated by defense is that reached that point because one i think it it comes from two different elements in my mind it's about mindset but it's also about necessity and as someone who cut of understood the modern nfl through the lens of the mid2000s bears who understood that if they did not score they were going to lose the jaguars are very familiar to me i understand their thought process and they have absolutely reached that point where it's like yup it's ours we're going to take this from you twice a game and we're probably gonna take one of a back to the house there are so many stats we know about turnover luck and all that and i've talked many times about how what's different about the jaguars is as if you say okay this team is going to get a couple turnovers basically probably score off a turnover or literally scored during a turnover i typically that's not a sustainable way to win football games but this is one of the few teams and the mid2000s bears or another one of them where that is a 100percent percent sustainable and it's in the you can rely on every single week there that good tie rod taylor led all quarterbacks in this game with a hundred and thirty four yards stats all you need to know about how this game was played yeah i totally agree and i i've three this before said i had easily could bring it up the lovey arab bears first sixth third 13th second eighth first sixth in turkey takeaways a year that's i i would call that sustainable they did it a couple of different ways they were like the toleman stuff whatever with the jags it's twofold it's one their corners are just i mean ball hawking just condors.

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