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For the house got absent downpayments saved up but yeah it it's amazing how many younger uh people are getting into the housing market you know we're seeing that trend uh you know where where where the younger generation essay hail i'ma go buy a house you know i'm not gonna rent i'm going to get out there and they've done their research on the internet thing they feel very empowered uh by knowledge he other listening shows like this there researching on the internet they're not afraid of the process at a younger age which is exciting which is what we need homeownership but really it instils a different set of values i think you know once you take that leap and you own a home it's just it's it's a little different you know you're not gonna let your roommate's trash your house if it's your house you know you're not gonna throw the santa party and there's there's tamminen grain sensibility no sensibility and responsibilities i think cobb with with owning that house no users held all the tax burdens going out of washington it seemed like every day a new tax is introduced and you know unless you own a home you are really going to have a hard time making it through the tax a jungle i think some people who are right now filing for the verse for years or seeing that that you've got big start with that big item and that is the mortgage interest yeah i mean that's the single largest thing that breaks most people out from taking the standard action into itemised deduction is mortgage interest you know it's it's a big enough item without having to have anything you know a lot of what causes as deductions may be a big medical emergency or or you know schooling and things were where the mortgages this the steady it's there every year and it gets you in that bracket weaken sunday right off as emergencies they happen and get the tax manet and for people who were entrepreneurs there's nothing better than ride off part of that houses in office in one of your computer resolve your transportation uh make that late purse.

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