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Bound on I 2 95 after the 11th Street Bridge on the flyover Bridge at last report, Whole lanes were blocked around the crash. Bobbin were w t o p traffic. Well, we had some snow. Let's check in now with storm team for meteorologist Mike Standiford to see what's going on next overnight and into the morning, Mike. It looks like freezing rain. Gonna be a problem for the nighttime hours across the region looking storm team fall radar right now. Another band of light snow and sleet and freezing rain, but mainly freezing rain now moving across the northern suburbs when everyone watching closely is the area from Clarksburg northward to Frederick, along to 70. Also interstate 70 in between Baltimore and further. We're seeing some freezing rain right now, and this is going to make things quite slickers. Temperatures are below freezing across the northern suburbs that winter weather advisory continues from the metro area. Northward and westward until Tuesday morning, more sleet and freezing rain a little bit of snow for the next several hours across the northern suburbs overnight, Julie just some light freezing rain, but that is going to cause it plays over the southern suburbs, mainly just rain and drizzle After midnight in those Russian the upper twenties to mid thirties, most of the southern separate will stay about freezing overnight. On Tuesday. The rebel and in the morning hours so state mostly cloudy. We'll see highs in the low to mid forties by Wednesday, probably sending one will get up to high near 50, but then colder again Thursday and Friday with high Sauron's low to mid thirties. Temperatures 29 in Gaithersburg right now, 32 on Frederick 33 Stafford. And right now, Brennan, we have a temperature of 32 of Reagan National. Alright, Thank you, Mike. And we're hanging right around 32 degrees in the nation's capital. Brought to you by mattress warehouse by with confidence with a one year price guarantee Only a mattress warehouse sleep happens dot com. And 41 on the vaccine front this evening, Madonna says it appears it's covert vaccine does provide protection against emerging variants. Including one identified in South Africa. But as a precaution, Moderna says it's testing a booster shot to see if it improves that protection. CBS NEWS Medical contributor Dr David Eggers says these variants are not a surprise..

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