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Court says states can force online shoppers to pay sales tax cbs news with a special report coming up detroit rapper big sean in town is he hosted an event to celebrate the city and its people w w j city beat reported vicki thomas we'll have a live and local report with the tails straight ahead a michigan state police trooper files a whistle blower lawsuit against his boss i'm charlie langton good wwe morning i'm j jacky newsradio page for nine wwe fifty also j coming newsradio up this half hour nine fifty we will check also sports coming with up this tony half ortiz hour we will check sports happens with at tony eleven ortiz forty five and happens at at eleven eleven forty fifty five five we'll check and your money at eleven right now fifty the dow five is down we'll one check hundred your money thirty right now eight the points dow is down one wwe hundred thirty j news eight points time eleven thirty wwe one news time eleven cbs thirty one news special report cbs no sales news special tax report major no online sales shopping tax perk major for online a lot of people shopping but now the us perk supreme for a lot court of people in a five but now the to us four ruling supreme court is dramatically in a five changing to four things ruling is dramatically cbs news changing legal things analyst cbs fame news rosenbaum legal with analyst this decision fame out rosenbaum of south dakota with this decision internet out of south retailers dakota can would be required internet to retailers collect sales can be taxes required in states to collect sales even taxes if they have in st no physical presence even if within they have that no state physical the south presence dakota within case that began state with legal south action dakota against case overstock began with dot legal com action against wayfair overstock and dot new com egg with wayfair the state arguing and new it was egg losing with out on the state fifty arguing million it was losing dollars out a on year fifty in sales million taxes dollars a cbs's year in sales jan crawford taxes pinon cbs's today jan really crawford sets out pinon that the today internet revolution really sets has out changed there the everything internet revolution and has that changed these everything retailers and for all accounts that these and purposes retailers actually for all accounts do have and purposes a real actually and meaningful do have presence a real in the and states meaningful and so presence therefore in the the states states and are so free therefore to require the states them to are collect free sales to tax require from people them to collect who buy sales things tax from from that people cbs who news buy special things from reports that cbs i'm news steve special kaffa reports and i'm you're listening steve to wwe kafer j and newsradio you're listening nine to w fifty w w j w newsradio j news time nine fifty is now wwe eleven thirty two news time popular is now detroit eleven rapper thirty big two sean is popular back in his detroit hometown rapper big to sean host is an back event in to his celebrate hometown the city to host an and event to its celebrate people the city and its people wj city great reporter w vicki w thomas spoke j with him city one on one reporter she vicki joins thomas us live spoke and with local him one on with one more she joins vicky us live and local with more and vicky and jack kicking off tonight with a private kicking off fundraiser tonight with the for private the motown fundraiser museum also for the motown museum it marks the also start of a twoday it twenty marks the start five of thousand a twoday dollar twenty fashion five mogul thousand challenge dollar fashion at the mogul charles right challenge museum at the the charles detroit right rapper museum says it'll be the five detroit rapper days says of it'll be fun five.

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