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Get a harry starter. Set with a five blade. Razor waited handle shave gel and a travel cover offered just three bucks plus free shipping just go to harrys dot com and enter five five six zero at checkout. That's harrys dot com code. Five six zero enjoy listening to wrestling. Observer live with bryan alvarez and mike semper vv on the sports byline broadcasting network. The show. brian elber is here. Wrestling observer live also observer dot com well as noted the opening segment. There's definitely a lot of stuff to talk about here today. I got new japan. I got a w. full gear. A xanax t. Tomorrow smackdown ratings indication. That people really like the show and the top angles. Vinson docu series. I guess i should start very quickly by just mentioning that tomorrow. Aws exte- hopefully some of you. Watch it. john lee kingston face to face. Sammy guevara not present. Jeff and wardlow cody and the gun club versus john. Silver to colt cabana and at ten. Scooby skydivers shawn spears mural versus trent park will break his silence and chris. Jericho is on commentary. Also neither rose versus red velvet has been added has velveteen versus ciampa. And dakota kai is ember moon to matches coming off. Last week's show which i thought was a great show last week. I voted for it as the better show on the. Brian vinnie shell but hey that's their follow up. So i expect them to get slaughtered on wednesday night. I do start with the first message that came through here today of all the things that people want to talk about regarding last night tucker is big. He'll turn off to a hot start person notes. I losing to umberto and then losing to ricochet well no inside losing to umberto because it was on main event but yes last night on raw. They shot an angle at the pay per view. To get the briefcase off otis. After his longtime friend and partner tucker turned on him that leading up well he goes back on raw so they chose that option and then this week on raw he gets beaten in a minute by ricochet so it would be one thing if tucker was being in a minute. Drew mcintyre i mean. This would still be bad but you got beat by a guy who never wins in a minute so he's pretty much doomed his in his tucker night outfit from like a year ago. Looks like a fella guy's got so much talent and he's just a geek on raw already. Maybe he'll join retribution. But suffice to say that was one of the highlights of last night's monday night raw. What did you think of these shows. This show mike. I didn't think there were many highlights. With the exception of the actual match itself between the new day and the hurt business and that does not count ten minutes of talking that took place beforehand and drew mcintyre looking like a monster other than that. I maybe i was not in the the right mental state but like where the other high points of last night show especially when you lodge into the three hours and you look at the entire picture of the three hours and i'm usually pretty good it just plucking the things that i liked and trying to block out the rest of it but by the time we actually got to the firefly funhouse segment the actual one where they were standing in there. I was done. And i'm not sure what point that actually wasn't show. It was an hour. And i don't know what it was but it was like it just kept dragging and dragging and there was not a lot that jumped out at me very happy. That's for sure so maybe other people liked it more. God bless you if you did. Hopefully somebody came by and as you were just kind of sitting there withdrawal running down the side of your face. They clean up in. Propped you up a little bit. But other than that no buys at all for me. I thought that the jeff hardy lies guitar. Poll match was better than i expected. It was just a match and finish was a little goofy because they told us the rules and then the rules rashly. Different ten seconds later for the match but it was just a a match. It wasn't terrible. Jeff hardy hit him with the guitar foods over. That's something to celebrate. We add the not terrible is a benchmark that inspire s. We had the the three way with braun. Strowman keith lee and shameless and granted keith. Lee tried to flip dive and almost killed himself. But as far as like a three way with three giant monsters. I thought this match. As i noted i'll remind exact line here at the bottom of this report. I'm not sure how good this match was. But it was certainly exciting and fun and it was the crazy dies. Stroman do a high cross was brunch from across. Never put him through the dashboards. That's like giant europe superplex. Titanic.

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