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Sounds with more pleasant responses. Some approaches combine therapy gently exposure on. It's there it's still quite a young science still quite young science. There isn't really an outstanding a treatment that emerging bubble elvis. We just trying to just trying different options at the moment but nothing. Some of them are affected but not exclude not across the board. I tell you usually interesting one People aren't really trying to improve imagery at the moment. Deny fanti antibiotics. I mean i know personally. I found out i had a fantasia around ten years sobbing interesting chat with a colleague about And i said to him. These mistakes all reporting that they can see pitches in them them. So i so we fight say pig literally. See an image of a pig. I was speaking to my colleague. Bob logie who said well. That's what everybody does isn't it. I said no. You don't understand cleveland. They see a picture in their mind. Said yet that's everybody does. From that moment. Ten years ago. I have tried personally speaking. Try to construct images. It haven't had a great success to be honest. Well that's the end of one. So who knows you so maybe we might try but really the the difference between fantasia. Mr phonier is that people with fantasia getting falling it just getting on fine with their life. They really have no idea that different they understand. Visual imagery is a metaphor. you know they. It's really not to deal in my life. I'm not very good interior decorating. I find that quite hard We're gonna look like against that wall media that's fine. This has been just amazingly interesting. I've really enjoyed talking to you. I appreciate your taking the time. Thank you thanks so much. It's been it's been a pleasure. Thank you you can find. Previous episodes of speaking of psychology at www dot speaking of psychology dot. Org or on apple stitcher or wherever. You get your podcasts. If you have comments or ideas for future podcast you can email us at speaking of psychology at a p a dot work that speaking of psychology all one word at apa dot org speaking of psychology is produced by lee. Herman our sound editor chris. Diane thank you for listening for the american psychological association..

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