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You know what is happening. Why is why is all this confrontation going on? Why is it? When is a black man? Tell people I'm a police officer. Either I get looks of high praise or get incredulous looks as as to. How can you do the type of job? And so it was when I started reading more that I found out that police department. Are Outgrowth in the forerunners were slave, catching patrols, and so when I started to wrestle with this. It really became a problem, so we in this country, the United States have not dealt with race and the people who have been tasked with keeping other citizens in their place to keep those black people in place and other minority in place was the police department, so we need a reckoning as race in this country that is the first and most fundamental change that needs to happen and police departments. Yeah I'm what our podcast I heard you and a guest talking about how a lot of these kids really not required to go to college. Come to the academy, and they are out on the street policing. And in many cases, the literally have never heard of the concept of say redlining, and maybe some basic education in terms of America's racial history would actually help them in community relations in policing. Absolutely I was an instructor taught implicit bias. I taught human behavior in whatever I taught. Those particular classes I stressed that exact point. They don't understand redlining. Understand the Tulsa bombing that happened with the government's approval. They don't understand what happened in North Carolina. When the city officials were overthrown, how the ghettos were created, so if you don't understand these types of things and people aren't equipped with that knowledge than what you're to have is disastrous problems, and when you look at a lot of the flash points, and if you look at a lot of the killings, I don't know how much implicit bias per se. Caused a killing of an unarmed civilian, I don't know like it wouldn't shock me if Daniel Pantaleo, who choked Eric, Garner and Eric, Garner died. It wouldn't shock me if not only had some training, but maybe got in touch with his implicit bias, and the problem wasn't that he was implicitly biased against Eric. Garner, as a black person, it was that there were rules of how to effect an arrest, and he thinks he followed the rules and then Eric Garner died I mean implicit bias is so far down the causal elements of what happened that with that killing I think with a lot of the killings that. We're talking about I. Don't know Derek. Show Vin had her didn't have implicit bias, but he had a totally bizarre definition of what to do when someone claims that they can't grieve..

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