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This'll be a record month for us, but typicals like twelve to twenty was this month. revenue or deals both. Revenue little over three hundred which is insane. Yeah. That's that's very abnormal. More typicals. Fifty two, hundred maybe and we're going to do about twenty one deals a big part of the reason was when Pennsylvania got shot down like it did a lot of our deals were just kinda sitting. We couldn't get died tests done. We couldn't meet municipal requirements people couldn't get funding, but we had deals lined up in the pipe test. Oh my yeah Pittsburgh thing Good you're asking the wrong guy, but basically, they pour some die down the toilet and down the downspouts and they make sure that that water is going to the right place. So it's not going into our drinking water. It's not going into the sewage whatever and so it's at municipal requirement certain places. So if those things are shot down, even if you're a title companies given it how you can't close if you can't get lean ladders because you haven't completed those. Yeah and I was message English. Alaba Mike through time. He was not happy with what the governor none of us none of us are. I should say I mean I'm okay I'm. Okay with the responsible shutdown I really am, but it was the clean sweep. It was lazy legislature. There's obviously ways to conduct real estate responsibly. So if we can find a way for vape shops to do it, if we can find a way for Italian ice shops to do it surely, there's a way that real estate can operate responsibly surely shortly. So So we talked about how you got here today, so you know a big part. Of the reason why people are watching we're talking about two million and you know we talked about the challenges that you face but people probably WanNa know you know as far as like is particularly source. She liked the best or anything that you do. Differently you believe in the competition. So let's start with in Hoodoo target. Yeah Man I wish I had some. Some special list that I could give you. But reality we target the same stuff everybody else does. Tax Delinquent. PROBATE, pre probate, fourth pre foreclosure, absentee owners especially during Cova, we had a lot of success with that. I think for us what sets US apart two things one is since we hooked up with pace more be we have multiple options for sellers. We're doing some sub twos before we linked up with him but now we're doing sub twos not only doing the right way, but we're doing seller finance we're doing wraps. So now we have an agent on our team. So now when we go into the house, it's truly coming from a place of service. We're not just going in there and making a low ball offer the acquisition manager. Can Go in there and say I truly have this person's best interest at heart because I can help them any number of different ways whereas I think a lot of times traditional wholesalers are going into the house and saying, all right. How am I gonNa get this you know at fifty sixty cents on the dollar we're going in and saying, okay, what are your needs? What are your wants? How can I help you if that sub two great if it seller finance great if it's a cash deal great if not, we'll listed for you. That's one thing just having the ability to do more things than others but number two. I. Would say and I think we'll probably get to this at some point but it's the people in it's the culture we've created with the company and the reason we're all doing this that really makes us I think stand apart well. I've done a talk some back wholescale actually. Okay. We hung out yes. Am I talk was how build a cult? Yes. So culture something very passionate about yeah. So let's talk about culture. Cool. Yeah. Speaking of wholesale I wanNA shout out Elizabeth now brought day and Charles went they definitely encouraged me to seek you out and get on the show. So I really appreciate them Yeah. So our culture I think really sets US apart in that. We have unique way of paying acquisition managers what I came to hear when I first started this from everyone was acquisition managers are divas. They're hard to keep. Their either GonNa Leave and take what you've taught them and go do it on their own. Or they're going to. If they don't then they're probably going to be high maintenance. Okay and so the school of thought that I heard was don't hire rockstars you don't eat rockstars do acid terrible advice terrible or hire rockstars just be prepared that they're gonNa Steal Your Shit and leave why didn't like either of those options so we thought what's a way that we can create. A company where our vision and our dream is so big. That the goals and dreams and vision of our acquisition managers can fit. into. That somehow and so what we came up with was A credit system. So I designed this as a way. To cut down on losing acquisition managers originally I'm so if you're currently doing creative finance if you're doing sub twos if you're doing seller finance In you. What I'm about to tell you I, think will really change your business if you implement this if you're not doing creative. I would encourage you to learn how for this reason alone if you're a scaled operation so the way the credit system works is every time you get a creative deal. To close, for the.

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