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We close i don't think it's a level it's an action if the if the dollar falls out of bed that's a problem you go back to eighty seven when a dollar fell out of bed that was a problem again if there's a decoupling i think it's an issue if it continues to walk down i think we're okay for now so in this sort of environment where the markets are a little bit more volatile weather is a little bit more uncertainty and i know you say that you think that trump is predictable a lot of other people don't think that he is predictable barrio are you concerned about the sectors in the socks that led us higher in the market the ones that did the best today and sort of the the source of funds when you're getting nervous about the markets not really getting nervous about the marketplace so one of the things that we're dealing with is out of hurting susan and when you're out earning season you start to have the vagaries of back row headlines we'll be back in season another four weeks and everyone will say wow look at look at mental they're so good and things will change very very quickly with regard to leadership we're still seeing technology the one of the things we did say last week we thought utilities were overdone and we thought for tree that utilities could work but that's really for trade and we're not seeing change in leadership with technology the one thing that is becoming a little bit of worry is how financials and banks acting as rates go lower chris thank chris harvey wells fargo you worried about financial smell i'm not in fact i think this is definitely a pullback to buy if you think about the dynamics that are driving financials and people talk about the curve we talk about the curve but the reality is you're gonna get three fed hikes this year and you're gonna get three to four next year and you could get north of that if the economy demands it financials especially those that are pegged alive or make an enormous amount of money here they have enormous leverage to the us economy and the consumer that's getting all these checks every company with the trump spoke today talked about giving back to their people by banks worried about.

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