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Yanni welcome to technician. It's great to speak with you today. Thank you for having me peter. Now it's a pleasure. Well marcello you are the chief digital and operational excellence officer of moderna and moderna is certainly a company that many who are listening. We'll be familiar with given the importance of the company during the pandemic. But i wonder if you could take a quick moment to just give a thumbnail sketches to moderna business. Yeah so so. Madonna was founded the now almost ten years ago and on the promise of messenger army and as a as a medicine. So what messenger irony does. It's in your daily activity. Your body produces probably billions of messenger. Made that goes to the dna and from did the enemy they could use protein and protein. This is what makes your body works. And so what madonna does is we sympathize. This messenger aurigny and send instructions to the cell to produce those proteins to prevent or cure diseases so simple. This is what we do and this can be declined in many many settings a to either prevent ocular diseases so the most the most known one is the vaccine. Because what we do was the vaccine is with produce the protein that exist on the surface of the virus and let your immune system respond to this to those protein and build the date munity against those proteins and by building this unity when the virus come the virus has exactly the same signature because those are protein from the surface of the virus and f. Our immune system is ready to replicate against the buyers. So this is the setting of vaccines but we do as well work on on quality. We were on rare disease. We walk on autoimmune so we have twenty plus programs in at different stages in development at that stage. If i take another example and let's say grab diseases. Diseases they usually. You're missing a either a protein. An enzyme or something is missing in yaw dna. So what we do is sympathize. Missing protein was the code of this gene is missing from the dna and the messenger army and we send them instructs the cells to produce those those proteins or enzymes. That are missing..

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