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And infected person coughs works nieces british prime minister teresa may says many key issues will be on the table including possible new trade terms between britain and america will have opportunity to talk about a possible future trading relationship but also some of the world's challenges that we will face issues like if that to defeating terrorism that conflict in syria may says it's important to keep a special relationship between us and uk the senate minority leader is promising the thought a cool debate surrounding the nominees to president trump's cabinet for so many of your cap and it a point d's mr president of quite different than what to campaign donnan even watcher speech was about senator chuck schumer says there will be thorough discussions on the nominees because of the potential of conflicts of interest and their disagreement with trump uncertain issues he says the potential cab that is on usually unique specified the number of billionaires and bankers nominated by trump is not to reigning the swap as trump promised in the campaign he says he doesn't know if there is enough support to defeat any of the nominees the right iconic congressman john louis's encouraging people to keep up the fight at a rally during the women's margin atlanta yesterday lewis thank hundreds of thousands of protesters for speaking up and standing up there's something that is not right not bad dallas but again shin on the edge and then and then desde does good good deuce on the reds time out of boards abused lewis says he know something about margin in that he's ready to margin den lewis made national headlines when he told a reporter he didn't see president trump as a legitimate president and that he would skip trump's and all your rationing the restaurant be and choney on third st and los angeles has been damage by fire the restaurants roof partially collapsed during that fire net right on the a when atlanta falcons have dominated the green bay.

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