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Among all this uncertainty so like what are people supposed to do. Are we just supposed to do you know what I mean like? Do you think that college make plans to reopen understanding that they might have to reverse course and I I mean I think that you make a good point. His part of me wonders. I think that there is a small minority of people who are probably being very selfish but I wonder if there is a larger population of people who feel like they feel so out of control. Like I can't do anything I feel like people have like. It's one thing and then it's another thing and then it's another thing that another thing so I might have to do something. Do you know what I mean like. Like like the the social fabric of trust in a government official or in the person who's telling you it's in who's in charge is is really imperative for everyone to buy in and participate and if this is going to be eighteen months twenty four months thirty six months. Whatever the situation is what is what is what is the plan. I like as a nation is the plan. Phased reopenings restaurants at twenty five percent capacity. Is the plan like. Let's just keep everything closed until it's totally gone forever you know. And and that's you know and then obviously that has massive repercussions on the holding pattern that we have all been in for hourly every single person has been in for their. You know this this time period and I think people get nervous because it's like what am I going to do about my paycheck? What am I going to do is my business fall apart. Is You know because one or two months is one thing but once you start to get into oh it might be through all of the fall so people can attend college or like those. What about those kids? Who are graduating. What are they? GonNa do their jobs. You know like getting like can you imagine graduating right now into this economy? Like beyond just the graduation. I mean like being to like nineteen or twenty and having to go out into looking like into the workforce. Yeah I mean that's almost unfathomable to me I I'd imagine a lot of people are moving home But also yeah I mean. Here's the thing like it's really frustrating. I think because almost literally everywhere in the world except maybe Brazil is doing a better job at handling this than us and it sucks. Because we're supposed to be. We're supposed to be this great country of like can do innovation put your head down and get it done. Doesn't matter how hard it is and like our inability to handle this as a reflection of a complete failure of leadership but also a failure of our collective ability to take care of each other. Because like you look at a place like South Korea New Zealand Norway. Those are all places that the citizens accepted a really. Like really draconian things like social tracing contact tracing which. I got an alert on my citizen APP earlier this week. That's like would you like to be one of the people that does contact tracing and I don't think enough Americans are GONNA do that in New Zealand? When things started getting better the prime minister who is I think a thirty nine year old woman a locked the country down even harder and now it's it's they've solved it. It's gone because everybody listened. Everybody did it and it's like you know we can't be a little pregnant here. We have to like do it or don't do it and now we're kind of half doing it and it's the worst of both worlds and it feels like it's so frustrating and it's so easy to like get angry at individual people who are making choices that endanger the progress of overcoming disease but really. It's a failure of leadership because we don't have people setting good examples. I think I mean think about it. We have a president who justice this week. I mean you can't even keep up with what's happened this week. But he's like he denied. There's no denying that so much of the mindset that so many of these people that we see who are flaunting The sort of protections that are being put in place are people who listened to him. It's like we got to open up. We got to open up. We'll we all this. I just think it's so fundamentally. Miss Understood misrepresented in The News I guess we all WanNa Open. I WANNA get back to being able to like hang out with my niece or get a job. I mean talk about plans. I had a bunch of speaking things that were my income for the summer. Or never coming back. How many people just have things that are never coming back and are trying to look forward to being able to go like? I am like looking forward to go to the grocery store this weekend. I'm lucky I have the money to go to the grocery store like like there's just it is it is like Aaron. You're so right. It is a failure from the top Any other person making another Republican Mitt Romney. Okay let's make the President Mitt. I would love that honestly. I think that'd be great now. He does not represent many of my beliefs. But I have no doubt he'd be wearing a instead of taking hydroxy chloroquine for fucking shits okay. That is what Donald Trump is doing is taking it for. Shit and the FDA had to come out and say again like hey everybody only taken up your in a hospital with a doctor and he calls it. Fda trump haters putting that statement out. And that's the problem is that you have people who listened to the president which is reasonable people listening to a president. They're like yeah. It's just a it's a fucking hoax like we're not GonNa die here and the funny thing about schools is that yet there are not a lot of cases are not as many cases in the mid. West as there are in New York or in California or in Chicago but when schools open up colleges specifically. You're not saying the kids from New York can't go to college if the college opens like University of Nebraska Opens Up. Are you saying the kids from New York? Can't come because you know whatever. So they're misunder. They're totally misunderstanding. That by killing everything now and taking this so seriously it will enable things to open back up and for kids to go back to school and people to go back to work and for people whose jobs demand travel to be able to reasonably get on a plane again. Anyway they're so fucking salvation. Awful I can't one of the things that I do find very challenging is like I remember. I remind myself that it's like like it is hard to feel grateful for you know when you get into a car accident like that's a big thing. I've gotten into a couple of massive car accidents. Great driver thank you so much but like five minutes before you get into a car accident. You're not in a car accident right and it's like when you're in the accident like and you've just had this massive fender bender. Whatever happens you look back to like man. Things were so great. Five minutes ago or things were so great ten minutes before. But it's very hard to appreciate when you're driving that you're not in a car accident and and that's it's hard to appreciate when something doesn't happen right like so it's hard to appreciate that you didn't get a parking ticket. It's hard to appreciate that. Cova ease in your town or the people that you know aren't dying like if you're stuck at home and you're not seeing the consequences of the reason wire stuck at home. I think that's a little bit of a mind. Fuck like ice yell struggle with that on like you know in terms of like gratitude or whatever molly to alone here you know in my house but I I struggle with that on stuff like remember to be remembered to be happy that you know you didn't get into a car accident. Remember to be happy that you didn't get a ticket like these. Those kinds of little things and I feel like cove is a massive example of that so if if if this was an outbreak like scenario like a like Hollywood movie vibes like people were seeing the repercussions everywhere around them. It was really. I feel like the compliance would be higher but I wonder if at least part of the reason why people don't feel the imminent threat is because they cannot see it you know and it's very hard to wrap our heads around this like intellectual idea of like no but the reason you're not seeing it is because we're taking this collective action so we're stopping stopping about from happening as opposed to or from getting worse. Yeah Yeah I mean that's a really good point. I was thinking this week. I watched contagion because I does. I'm the only one in America who hasn't watched it and I'm not all the way through but as I was watching it stopped. You're not all the way through. I mean you just got power through chunks. I'm watching it and watching it in chunks. No I started watching it and then I think it went. I fell asleep But the one thing I thought was like Oh you know the plug in contagion is Kinda Gross..

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