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Matt Barkley, Matt, Jacksonville Jaguars discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


It's now it's a game. Okay. It's Marcus Mario's big game. The Tennessee titans. Have to have it. The Jacksonville Jaguars coming off of shutout of Andrew luck. Starting Cody Kessler, by the way, how about this. When the Redskins take the field against the giants this weekend. That will give you the following USC Trojans. Having started a game this year. Cody Kessler, Mark Sanchez, Matt Barkley. Okay. And if I'm John David booty, my head's on a swivel wherever the hell. I am right now. Maybe Matt castle did castle a start this year. The as he's sitting there in Detroit. Right. He's gonna Matthew Stafford or or is he is he backing not Shaab is back and get this the to match their there's four mats in the league. And they're all onto teams, Matt. Yeah. Castle is backing up Matt Stafford. Okay. And Matt Shaab is backing up. Matt Ryan forgetting about Matt Barkley. I mean, you know. Matt Barkley knowing Dottie would play well, and nobody wants to match nickname. What the hell? We give it to Matt Barkley. Take. I'm kinda. Desperate. Matt Barkley has the nickname. But sure. So titans need this woman and the Jaguars would love to stick it to him. And anyone I mean, this nationally televised. The whole thing is going to be discussed about what's gone wrong with Jaguars this year. The whole thing's gonna be out on display certainly if the game needs a little bit of of a boost of a conversation between Joe and and Troy lowest of the week. I know you're not following these numbers, but Lois total of the week thirty seven. Okay. So not offense expected tonight where you tone along where where are you towing alone on that one? I think I think Tennessee blows them out tonight. Tennessee's played well on nationally televised games in the state of Texas. You know, I know Houston eventually took care of business against them. But they beat Dallas there. So we'll see mariota tonight. I said Mario needs to with this team to to keep on winning. Then may be seven six, man. Right. Then they're seven and six sitting back watching the Broncos minus Emmanuel Sanders going to San Francisco. Not rookie wide receiver. I'm not hooked on that feeling right now. And in you got the colts at Houston dolphins against New England ravens against Kansas City. That's a huge look at that. You could have a bunch of you got have to teams at seven six and the titans and the ravens and maybe the Broncos in the colts and the dolphins staring at six and seven. Then the Browns beat the the Carolina Panthers. And suddenly and the makes peripherally back in the hunt. On the set on a cent on a set. K that's what I'm by the way, Joe buck, if he's got he's got a problem with in the hunt on the scent sniffing it Sniffen, it's that should be division leaders. Wildcard leaders sniffing in it. Sniffen? It is not going to happen tonight. I gotta get gotta get joked. Joe buck doing it smell the glove. That's that's a smile tap reference. I didn't get that this final tap reference for everybody might be getting a little crazy here. The bag. We'd two step sniffing glue. Discover card says check things all the time like your Email or social media..

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Matt Barkley, Matt, Jacksonville Jaguars discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

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