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Wait losing to round how they come back resolve these variables the pressure of fighting compatable all different animal yeah i don't think there's a right answer yeah i was going to say as we were talking like the deeper you get an anything the more intricate it becomes so if you talk to anybody who is really really good of what they do they're thinking they're they're thinking about everything right i mean there's so much to consider to be when you're really good at something we always talk about this the fucking devil is in the details details or would make the difference details i mean you know you watch when i was watching the downhill skiing women's lindsay bombs racing and body miller was caught the amount of variables you have to take into account from wind to how low you stay to how aggressive you are in the talk how wide of a turn you take there's so many fuck hawes us hoping your your boy who europe's us with any two in the fifth year old gale oh adam rhythms there last night no is there last night he looks like you diabetes to how does he not he's not because i deem it look about joy i was where it was already one is perfect for you i wanted to be town dashing at my boyfriend he didn't mention me five seven he's a little these little he said you don't need a big bear are like a little early i like acuity pie tweak with these little links dares slide you dhabi honest well i don't i think about i don't think about that but no regale no listen if he's fit the game any is my if he's my jail cell if he's in my jail cell are not last for more than three days are behind in a bust plus three day because he's going to be latin you lesson eight out he's guys ciller eyes those identified were locked in a prison cellular as soon as i fell it's tom go to bed ladies collector who live in well he's probably crying because there he said you diver dickey's on pro you didn't last two minutes on that trying to salvage dick i'm just he he might i sucking there.

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