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Easy. At the end of the day that's the truth. Really is. So. I think that the Kansas City chiefs are very good. They should be in a position to give back to the super. Bowl. Absolutely. But look for Tennessee look for Pittsburgh look up with the Ravens potentially look out for the bills potentially. And then we'll see what happens with some other teams. The NFC east, it shouldn't be talked about it really shouldn't be talked about. I don't think team is going to be five hundred and win that division that's going to be my bold prediction and earnings growth. That's a bold prediction because these teams are lousy. These teams are awful. These teams are a joke. I question whether these teams are trying to win or not. I think the bears of the surprise of the NFL right now I gotta say man I'm impressed with what the bears have have brought to the table six weeks into the NFL season they look like a team that is absolutely destined to get to the play offs and potentially make some noise when nobody thought that the bears were going to be any good and thank God they got nick foles right Tampa Bay buccaneers I'm telling you man don't don't worry about Tom Brady don't worry about this dude he he's he's GonNa wind up doing things that helped the team be in the mix and be there at the end of things guaranteed no doubt in my mind. New Orleans Saints I wonder about them a little bit Carolina. They took a little bit of a step back but I I think that they're going to be a greedy gutty team in a tough test week in week out I, love the seahawks and. You know what? Sometimes the best thing. About being a team is having a Bi Week and you you obviously can't go down anything. You'RE GONNA wind up vein able to. Keep your stock and Russell Wilson may have even actually improved his MVP stock to be honest with you. The Rams, they took a step back. Forty niners. Are they going to get themselves back in the mix a little bit I gotta take a break I do I'll do that. I'm going to wrap things up here. I'll come back obviously on the other side I'll do it. I always do give you my parting shot and break things down final time to week six of the NFL rewind a man door for everybody keep a close. It's the will fables sports overnight America I'll be back everybody. In. The wildcat I, and from the two, there's the snap the. Kitchen himself over the right. Detainees linking in touchdown for the Pittsburgh steelers but terrific second opening drive. It went seventy five yards and ans up with a two yard touchdown run in the wildcat Jaylen Samuels steelers, you're listening to sports overnight, America?.

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