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Go free without posting bail in San Diego is coming to an end this weekend Jack cronin has the update Effective May 15th the emergency policy known as zero bail will end in San Diego county to try and reduce the number of people in jail during the pandemic all misdemeanors suspects all probation violators and many of those charged with felonies were allowed to remain free without bail until their court case Now saying the pandemic is moving from a crisis to an endemic phase San Diego superior court has ended the zero bail policy effective this weekend I'm Jack cronin The Surgeon General in Florida is calling for more transparency on the worsening nationwide baby formula shortage Rick hoschel has more Joseph lani Poe has written the FDA commissioner asking for regular updates on fixes to the supply chain and when more infant formula will be available ladipo says the state health department found alternative products in an effort to offset the shortage caused by what he called the FDA's lack of oversight but he said the cost of those alternatives remains high in the availability is low The Biden administration is promising to aggressively address the shortage I'm recognition The mega millions jackpot continues to grow lottery officials say no one picked all 6 numbers in Friday night's drawing That means Tuesday's jackpot will be worth $112 million Saturday's numbers or Friday's numbers 1141 43 44 65 the mega number 13 Elon Musk says his plan to buy Twitter is temporarily on hold even though he's still committed to following through with it the Tesla and SpaceX CEO says he wants more details about a finding that fake accounts make up less than 5% of users that claim was made in a regulatory filing earlier this month Musk has said he would focus heavily on getting rid of such accounts along with spam if he acquires the social media giant And Trump here a pandemic restrictions on immigrants seeking asylum in the U.S. will stand for now That's the ruling from a judge on title 42 I'm Brad Siegel And now this Bloomberg sports update White Sox snapped the Yankees 5 game win streak and walk off fashion a three two victory Luis Robert your game winning RBI single off a roll this Chapman Giancarlo Stanton three more hits in an RBI Nestor Cortes junior will get the ball this afternoon and the rubber game of three Patrick mazeika the go ahead solo shot in the 7th as the mets were able to withstand the Mariners 5 four Edwin Diaz shut the door in the 9th while the mets had coughed up a four one lead before mazeika put them in front for keeps Francisco Lindor knocked in a pair as well as they'll play the rubber game of the series this afternoon meanwhile before the game the mets placed catcher James McCann on the injured list thanks to a broken bone in his wrist he's likely on the shelf for about 6 weeks Rangers of penguins were all the marbles later tonight a game 7 at the garden as the rangers looking to complete the comeback from three one down in the series Teams are going to be wearing the gold and ready to go and everybody knows the loser goes home So it should be a fun game It's a closed series The team evenly matched and hopefully we'll come out on top but it's going to be I think expecting a real good game Head coach Gerard gallant as he hopes this club won't start as slow later tonight They've had to rally from two zero down in both games 5 and came 6 to force this deciding game 7 Now further word on the availability for Sidney Crosby for Pittsburgh who sat at game 6 with an upper body injury however he was able to skate at practice Gal filmko sent decided to withdraw from next week's PGA Championship lefty is the defending champion but he hasn't played a few months following this controversial comments regarding the premier golf league backed by Saudi Arabia Meanwhile at the Byron Nelson Sebastian munoz holds a one shot lead on Jordan Spieth as he sits at 21 under after three rounds and the giant is able to come to terms with both of their first round picks as kayvon thibodeaux and Evan Neal both locked in on four year deals And that's your Bloomberg sports update I'm Mark Bennett This is balance of power with David Weston The state of American energy is strong Our nation has the resources and the expertise to meet our energy needs Eventually we'll end up with a vaccine that will be able to do better against multiple variants Where the world of politics meets the world of business The fed has to raise rights And by the way that's a good thing Because of inflation has been this historic pandemic which is upended life in so many different ways In particular has upended America's supply chains Balance of power with given Weston on Bloomberg radio Coming up this hour inflation threatens Democrats already dim chances of holding on to Congress after.

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