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I think pairing it down would probably be the move and then trying to re expand it and build up toward the smash ultimate of this new next match brothers. And I also don't just see it as a complete possibility. They just poured ultimate over again. Oh, yes. Be easy. We know that Nintendo doesn't go for visual fidelity and I don't expect gigantic massive hardware updates to where it's going to be ray tracing and all that cool stuff. Unless we get this rumored switch HD thing or whatever, switch four K thing. But the idea of porting over smash, putting it in a newer engine with newer lighting and better textures and all the upgraded stuff that we're sort of used to whenever remasters happen. I see that as a complete possibility that game smash relaunches ultimate mega edition with 5 extra fighters. God, I love it. Everybody would absolutely love it. I mean, I would buy it by 5 extra characters who are those characters Andy characters. Oh, let me tell you, buzzing. Oh, man. I'll tell you off stream 'cause it's a lot of stuff I know. I told you in the post show. For now, let's jump in to the next news story, which includes a character that's included in smash brothers. Story number 6, Sonic the Hedgehog twos movie poster has been revealed. This is Gavin lane at Nintendo life. Kevin, I have an image at the top of the article that you can pull up, that is the poster. Following on from recent news that tales voice actor Colleen o'shaughnessy will be once again voicing miles per hour in the upcoming sonic movie. The pollster the poster for the sequel has been revealed and it appropriately references another Sonic the Hedgehog too. The Game Awards honcho Jeff keely also tweeted to not only confirm rumors that sonic's next game will feature, but also that both Jim Carrey and Ben Schwartz, who played robotnik and sonic respectively, will be in attendance at Thursday's award event to introduce a world premiere of a trailer. I love Spider-Man posters. This poster is so good. It is very sonic too. Sonic standing on top of a plane being piloted by tails in the background, you see robot chasing after him. There's a level of song that hits off to you that is literally this. I think it's like sky chase zone or something like that. And I fucking love this. This is bringing back memories already and I love that they're harking back to sonic tea this way. Do you ever think how it's weird to me blessing how you and I are frequently on TikTok? And every once in a while I get a video of Jim Carrey being very existentialist and then I see him on a poster as doctor robotnik just kind of like two different sides. I mean, he's perfectly unhinged. When he's saying, what he's being diverse at Jim Carrey is like, what the fuck is up with this guy, but then he's playing doctor robotnik, and it's like, yeah, unhinged. You're never quite sure if it's a bit, but he's on a red carpet being like, none of this matters. We are in a simulation. But I'm just like, damn, Jim Carrey, you're being kind of wild right now, but I don't disagree with a whole lot of this. And then I see him on a poster's doctor robotnik. It's just kind of weird the idea that he is, he's just a villain in a video game, and he was graded it. I liked him a lot in the first one. Yeah, actually, I can't wait for some of the hedgehog to. I'm hyped about that. Hype about the idea of a new game a reveal for the new game because it's been, it feels like a while, even though I think it was earlier this year that we got that original ts of the next sonic game that is seemingly coming next year. I really want to know more about that. There are those reports that it is going to be an open world Zelda game, which is I think the theme of this games daily. And I find it hard to believe that a sonic game can nail being a breath of wildlife game, but I'm down for the try. I'm down for them to try it out. And apparently it's going to be called sonic frontiers. I have many questions. One of the things I one of my main takeaways from that original trailer that we got earlier in the year is that this seems to be a it looks stylistically like a new take on sonic, just from the standpoint of it doesn't look like classic sonic or modern sonic the way we know classic and modern sonic generations and forces all this stuff. It looks like a different kind of sonic. And that makes me excited because I don't want them to keep trying to do the same thing over and over again and failing in the way that sonic forces wasn't great. And a lot of sonic games we've gotten recently just haven't been great. It basically stopped talking to me. Did you play that did you play that you probably are already mentioned at the Xbox 60 frames for sonic generations? Yeah. Yeah. I haven't played the 60 frames yet because I was a recent addition. I played sonic generations on Xbox, just like last year, just because I wanted to. But actually, I had been wanting to go back to that because that actually got me really excited because that's the way I want to play sonic with smooth frames. But I hope we see something that is kind of the redefining of a sonic game because those games kind of need it. They kind of really need it. I need it. I've talked off and I just fucking hate the way sonic feels. And it's just all personal preference. But it's an IP that I've always sort of just loved and I really enjoy the characters. But God damn, I just, it just has never really felt great to me. Even when it's at its best. And it possible that it will never be for me blessing, but I just really want to be able to be in that world and I think just slow down everything blessing. Does he need to go that fast? Have you been playing? You've been playing solar rash. I have, yeah. How do you like how that game feels? Because I saw somebody on Twitter mentioned that this could be how a sonic game feels. Like if a sonic open world game feels. And I kind of agree. I think that is kind of what you would want to aim forward it is, hey, here's smooth momentum smooth momentum driven movement. That feels something like something like jet set radio, but also has that boost mechanic when you want to get that quick burst of speed. And not automated. I think one thing that I've always disliked about the 3D sonic games is the automated endless runner feel of you hit that bumper that launches you up and there's three bad guys and you tap a three times ago. Boop, boop, boop, and you just go into them. I like that when I am playing solar ash, if I wanted to grind on that rail, I have to manually jump and aim correctly and land on the rail. As opposed to, even like a ratchet and clank like situation where you just tap right and jump and you land on the next rail, I do sort of like the manual input feeling that solar ash offers. I totally agree with the man. I didn't even thought of that. That's a great comparison. Yeah. Make it feel like I have more agency as opposed to just running around and then I hit a wall and suddenly the game is all about momentum makes me hit a rock and suddenly I just feel like it's a big challenge. Because what they go for with sonic, a lot of the time in the 3D platformers is making it like a roller coaster kind of experience, a set piece kind of experience where it is, it's less about that freedom of freedom of control and more so about what is the coolest way we can get you from point a to point B and then how do we stop you at some points to create challenge with combat or whatever..

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