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E. two five nine AJ Austin ninety nine point seven Democrats thriller plans about Jack Callahan fox news house Democrats have released the text of their impeachment related resolution the eight page resolution lays out the next steps in the house Democrats impeachment inquiry of president trump including open hearings in the house intelligence committee and final recommendations on impeachment in the Judiciary Committee the resolution expected to get a vote Thursday would allow Republican leaders to request subpoenas but does require the okay of the democratic committee chair or a full vote in the committee a White House statement says the resolution does nothing to provide due process rights to the administration and says rules remain undefined unclear and uncertain boxes here and help from the three house committees probing the president had another witness behind closed doors on Tuesday according to his prepared remarks lieutenant colonel Alexander being a senior National Security Council staffer told investigators behind closed doors quote I am not the whistle blower but he added I did convey certain concerns internally to national security officials in accordance with my decades of experience and training fox's Catherine Herridge the Republicans on the committee say much of colonel women's testimony went unchallenged because committee chairman Adam Schiff blocked their questions what happened today confirms even worse just how poorly Adam Schiff is and handle in this process and denying the ability for Republicans to even ask basic questions house minority whip Steve Scalise the administration will not be forced to turn over grand jury transcripts from the special counsel's investigation at least not yet a federal appeals court setting aside a lower court order and will consider if congressional committees have the right to demand those materials in the World Series the visitors swing again the Washington nationals beat the Houston Astros seven to two on Tuesday night that ties the fall classic at three games apiece the deciding game seven is Wednesday night.

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