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To discuss what could be coming for medicine in 2021. Let's take a listen that interview, then chat with Mike about what was said the question We've been getting the most is well, Lawmakers be working Maurin 2021 than they did in 2020. Well, okay. In defense of the Legislature, and maybe they don't need defending this early, but they wasn't that they weren't working. They had committee hearings and their officers were open. They didn't meet together on the floor except in April. After April. They did, but in an election year that would that would be pretty normal, But because of the crises that we were all facing this year, there were demands by many that they come together and doom or than they did you know a lot of the power in distributing money from the first current virus relief package from Congress. Gave the power to the states and in this case the governor to distribute the money so the Legislature didn't have much to do with the distribution of that money. Although some legislators, you know, certainly wanted to have more oversight. Don't say to sorting out this coffin 19 relief funding issue, which I know is a big one. What else is going to be on the legislative agenda for 2021 1st off? There's going to be some kind of coded 19 package coming from the Legislature. I think the pressure's on to do that, and like I said they've been in talks with Beavers about what that would be. But the Senate in the assembly, you know, even though they're both Republican control, don't agree. Right now. The governor will likely introduce his budget and mid February and that's gonna be some things that he proposed last time, which which Republicans did not go along with You like the Medicaid expansion. The governor has said he's going to propose that again. But that doesn't mean the wrong areas where they can agree. You know the last budget, the governor of Signed the major pieces of that budget that came back to him from the Republican Legislature. And so there is a given take. And maybe with new Senate leadership and, you know, Um, um, you know, maybe there will be, um You know, more cooperation this year about you know what will happen. And the state's finances are not as bad as had been feared. You know, I wouldn't call them great and that, like the state is awash in money, but it znachko better, and there is actually projections that the revenues will grow in the next two years. With politics dot coms. Jeff Mayor's joining US here in Wisconsin's afternoon news, Gentlemen ask you to speculate just a little bit. We will be entering your number three of governor Tony Evers time as governor of the state of Wisconsin. Do you think 2021 is going to be the year where we start to hear rumblings of some challengers? Well, if you're running for statewide office you get going now. I mean, this is when you start to get things together, if not before, So, you know, I think it's pretty clear that Rebecca Kleefisch, the former lieutenant governor under Scott Walker is organizing to run for governor in 2022. I think Republicans recognize that she would be very difficult to beat in. Primary. And so I think that whether there will be a Republican primary. I don't know for sure. But you know, she is been the one who has been, I think most aggressively organizing for a challenge to Evers. Evers himself has not said whether he'll run, you know, declaring a You know that you're running for governor, though, makes everything you do Political. And so I think his stance and you're in interviews is well, I'm not going there yet. I've got all this work to do. We've got a budget to put together. Etcetera, etcetera, you know, at the right time will make the decision and make an announcement. And so I think that's pretty typical of a governor at this stage right now. He has some pretty good poll numbers. Certainly, um, it's been a very difficult situation, but he's got something to run on in a zoo. I said the state's finances are not that bad and the issues he talks about Paul. Well, like, you know, Medicaid expansion and things like that. Let's bring in Mike Spaulding now. And like the first thing I wanted to ask you here. What did you make? Those comments. Do you think we're going to see any sort of Corbett 19 relief bill passed in the state of Wisconsin this year, So Yeah, no, that's really interesting, because we This is kind of a two part situation. One you had the package that was passed back in April. And, really, that was the only significant relief package that was passed it all you have the governor going back and forth the Legislature over Things like mask mandates and capacity rules and all those types of things, But as far as funding goes, they passed this one big bill and through the rest of the year, A lot of work was done behind the scenes in terms of where will now all of this money go. And you know that you saw it get dispersed. I think about a week and a half ago. $15 million went to independent entertainment venues. You have schools getting some funding. You had some Individual municipalities like the city of Milwaukee or Greenfield, or what have you also get some money, so it will be interesting in 2021. If they will get a new package at all, Because there is still some money left over from this first one, and then two along those same lines, where where will it then go. And what will that process look like? Because we know it. Is always complicated when you're talking about things in Madison because of the way that the government is kind of split, So it's gonna take some coming together in 2021 2, I think improve upon some of the processes that they made in 2020. But everyone from all sides and there have been meetings going on this past month or so, since really the November election. To get more on the same page with what's gonna be happening here in Wisconsin again. One of the big things involved with all of that is the budget. And that's obviously another big thing that we're working on right now, as well. We heard from Jeff Mayor is saying in that interview. They're one of the things that I thought was really interesting. Mike was that you know, we're not as bad off as a state as we thought. We were at the beginning of this pandemic. All you've heard his state and local governments being decimated, and that may be true to a certain point, but What Jeff Mayor's was saying was that Wisconsin not as bad off as you might have thought, and that might, you know, keep the foot off the gas a little bit..

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